A Best Lean Six Sigma Book Review

A best lean six sigma book review was posted by Robert Morris on Amazon and as a blog on his website.


Application of this Best Lean Six Sigma Book

The paperback version of this Minitab and Lean Six Sigma: A Guide to Improve Business Performance Metrics book is physically too large (8 ½ inches x 11 inches) to be considered a Lean Six Sigma Pocket toolbook. However, the Kindle e-book version (which can be viewed on any device) makes the valuable content of this book easily portable.


best lean six sigma book


This book can become someone’s Lean Six Sigma Black Belt book or Lean Six Sigma Green Belt book go-to reference. Many described book concepts are part of a certified six sigma handbook reference.


Highlights from Bob’s Best Lean Six Sigma Book Post

Bob’s website’s best lean six sigma book post and Amazon book review post are over 1000 words.

Some of the points that Bob made in these posts about this book were:

  • Explains how to execute and measure important process improvement projects
  • Provides the details for completing process improvement projects using Minitab functions within a clickable Lean Six Sigma DMAIC roadmap that has a focus on enhancing a significant business Y process-output response
  • Provides much information to prepare practitioners and management for the creation or improvement of metrics for the achievement of peak performance – no matter what size or extent of the enterprise
  • Book material provides much more than the details for the execution of process improvement projects. Provided material that addresses the creation of appropriate business measures and goals with strategic planning and the design of an Enterprise Improvement Plan (EIP) that aligns improvement projects with measurements and goals
  • Shows how to integrate both Lean and Six Sigma tools so the right tool is used at the right time
  • Shows how to apply a better approach for addressing the increasing challenges of the day through the 9-step Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) business management system 


best lean six sigma book and IEE 9-step system



Specific Topics in Bob’s Book Post that he Found of Great Interest and Value


  • Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) on pages 2-4
  • Strategic planning in the IEE system on pages 4-5
  • Creation of metric reports that lead to the best behaviors, which involve goal setting and benefits of 30,000-foot-level reporting on pages 12-18
  • Introduction to Minitab on pages 26-27
  • Comparison of commonplace control charting and the reporting of process capability indices versus 30,000-foot-level on pages 55-58
  • How to use a no-charge app  for the creation of 30,000-foot-level and satellite-level report-outs on pages 65-69
  • How-to and the benefits of attribute failure rate reporting at the 30,000-foot-level on pages 91-93
  • DMAIC project execution roadmap in the analyze phase of the roadmap on pages 126-127
  • Sample Size determination example for a criterion mean on pages 141-144
  • Baselining a 30,000-foot-level attribute defective response metric and the determination of process-output confidence interval statements on pages 167-170
  • Comparison of two sample means example on pages 177-179
  • Comparing two proportions example on pages 190-192
  • Correlation and scatter plot on pages 209-211
  • Two-factor full factorial design on pages 227-233

This Minitab and Lean Six Sigma book can answer questions, resolve problems, provide a vehicle to leverage resources, and help achieve business objectives.


Those who would like to discuss the application of the book-described concepts can schedule a free video meeting session with Forrest through the link https://smartersolutions.com/schedule-zoom-session/.


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