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Smarter Solutions has grown to be a worldwide company providing an enhanced Business Management and Improvement System through its software, consulting, and training.


In 1992, Smarter Solutions® was founded by Forrest W. Breyfogle III in Austin, Texas, after a 24-year career with IBM. From the start, Smarter Solutions strived, through its training and consulting, to become a thought leader in helping organizations efficiently and effectively implement organizational business measurements and process improvement efforts.


In 1997, the company focus transitioned to Six Sigma training and coaching and later then Lean Six Sigma deployments and methodologies. Smarter Solutions’ training courses have revolved around its published books, which often have become a body of knowledge for a discipline, e.g., ASQ Lean Six Sigma Certification’s use of Smarter Solutions’ book Implementing Six Sigma.


However, Smarter Solutions noted that organizations often did not benefit from Lean Six Sigma deployments.  Smarter Solutions believed one of the shortcomings of traditional Lean Six Sigma deployments was that there was no direct link between these improvement efforts and its business management system, including its scorecards.  Because of this observation, Smarter Solutions developed Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE), an enhanced business management and improvement system. In 2008-2010 Smarter Solutions shared its approach with others by publishing a 5-book set on the IEE methodology.


Smarter Solutions next created IEE Enterprise Performance Reporting System (EPRS) software, which has evolved to become a standalone IEE-implementation product that can offer predictive scorecards (among other things) behind an organization’s firewall.


In 2020 a 2-novel-written book set was published about IEE. These books’ titles are Management 2.0: Discovery of Integrated Enterprise Excellence and Leadership System 2.0: Implementing Integrated Enterprise Excellence.  These books are not only available in paperback and e-book formats but also audiobook format.


Smarter Solutions patent “Systems and Methods for Measuring and Reporting Enterprise Performance and Making Process Improvements” was published in May 2023. This patent describes implementation of the  IEE system with EPRS software, where, among other things, predictive performance measurements appear in the same report-out with the processes that created them, i.e., if the performance metric forecast is undesirable a related process needs improvement.


Smarter Solutions helps organizations implement the concepts described in its books and software through its consulting and training offerings.



Smarter Solutions, Inc. is best in class for designing and applying
innovative enterprise-wide performance measures and business solutions.


We aim to provide leading edge business solutions resulting in continuous
improvements and increased profits for our clients.


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