Business Management System Testimonials: Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE)

These business management system testimonials make reference to Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE), an enhanced business management system.


More than ten testimonials statements are included in a video about Forrest Breyfogle and his developed IEE system when he was awarded the Missouri University of Science and Technology Alumni Achievement Award


Too many management-type books talk about subjective approaches, but with this book (Management 2.0), you’ll acquire objective tools and skills that allow you to attack and improve process issues. Bob Ashenbrenner, President of Durable Mobility Technologies, LLC


The (Management 2.0 book-described) system provides an umbrella process for Quality Management, providing a “how to integration methodology for quality approaches and tools.” Jerry Marnari, Past Chair ASQ


Edwards Deming and other gurus provided great management philosophies; however, the implementation of these techniques in organizations has been minimal. ISO-9001, Baldrige Award, and Shingo Prize provide criteria for acceptance; however, often, “a pass” of these tests is not long-lasting in an organization. This book (Leadership System 2.0) provides a roadmap for the long-lasting achievement of all these programs’ criteria – in one system. L. Pierre de Rochemont, L. Pierre de Rochemont, Founder/GM Frontiernano – Industrialist


Instead of focusing on meeting next month’s arbitrarily set goals, what if companies concentrate on root causes that lead to higher quality and lower costs so that the big-picture benefits? This book (Leadership System 2.0) addresses questions like this with new energy and innovation. Earl Maxwell, Retired CEO of St. David’s Foundation


The one biggest, most important difference IEE offers is the method to simplify the madness. IEE is a process that captures the facts uses the right tools to display the performance facts so anyone can quickly see the performance. This process removes perception, intuition, and replaces them with facts. When the facts identify the real problems you can begin true improvements. Tanya Roberts, Business Process Improvement Manager – Oracle Flexible Packaging


I have been using Smarter Solutions’ materials for a few years now, and I find the information very valuable, it is presented in a way in which I can follow and present it in such a manner that those who I present it to can understand. Forrest himself is very responsive to questions and his staff at Smarter Solutions have always been courteous, engaging, and helpful. It was a pleasure to speak with Forrest as well as his wife, both showing their passion for quality. Forrest not only talks quality, he lives it. Attend one of his workshops and see for yourself! Jesse Stevenson, Quality Director – United Methodist Children’s Home


What grandmaster chess is to checkers, Integrated Enterprise Excellence is to the organizational improvement practices being deployed in most businesses today. Forrest Breyfogle’s system provides a roadmap that blends analytics with innovation at both the enterprise and project execution levels. It makes Lean Six Sigma sing. Ken E. Case, PhD, PE, Regents Professor Emeritus – School of Industrial Engineering and Management, Oklahoma State University


Forrest’s Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) system is not simply a methodology of doing Six Sigma projects. IEE offers an overall management system that provides the framework where companies can implement and benefit from Dr. Deming’s methodologies. Bill Wiggenhorn, Retired President – Motorola University


Smarter Solutions Inc. has more than exceeded my expectations in providing comprehensive training and mentoring for the deployment of a Lean Six Sigma program, the creation of a system that pulls for improvement projects that are truly tied to a business strategy, and the success execution of projects using a detailed roadmap that helps both novice and experienced practitioners. Antonio Neri, Vice President – HP Personal Systems Group, Americas Region Total Customer Experience, Quality and Services


IEE represents the best of best practices in measurement and improvement. It transcends Lean Six Sigma and the Balanced Scorecard. It’s a powerful business system that blends analytics with innovation and arms everyone in the organization with the tools needed to contribute to success. Aptly named, it truly integrates enterprise excellence. Mike Jones, Past President – ASQ


Considers IEE the most complete and effective operational management system available. (Keith) defines it as a process that allows management to accurately predict financial results, meet growth goals, maximize cash flow, force innovation, develop responsive supply chain dynamics, meet customer needs, improve employee performance–and avoid surprises. Keith Moe, Retired Group Vice President of 3M’s Electro and Communications Markets Group Division


(IEE Books) gives us the roadmaps to implement business process improvement from a holistic perspective, looking beyond sub-process performance to the level of how the organization as a single system actually performs in reaching business goals. Robert Spencer, ASQ Quality Management Forum Editor


Recently I was at a summit sharing training experiences with a colleague. Mine was by far the better experience. Forrest takes the time to explain the mechanics of it all and the road map is like a blueprint to follow. The tools that he offers are excellent, but more importantly he makes sure you know how and when to use each one. David Dalgard, Quality Assurance


I recently had a discussion with a team from one of the largest consulting firms concerning the scorecards they were brought in to create for our corporation. Their proposal wasn’t even close in value to the IEE approach. What was presented to me were three pages with a smattering of up-and-down, red-yellow-green arrows – for continuous data! And the metrics were a conglomeration taken from all different levels. They couldn’t even tell me what the metrics meant. With the IEE approach my leaders can get information to help them set targets and make decisions . . . and actually pinpoint where to target our improvement efforts. That’s the approach I’m going to drive through my organization. E. M., (at a top 10 pharmaceutical company)


Integrated Enterprise Excellence is the next generation of Lean Six Sigma, it addresses all the short comings of the Lean Six Sigma methodology. I highly recommend this learning to any executive irrespective of the type of business … A.L., Vice President



This (IEE Lean Six Sigma Black Belt) course is highly recommended for anyone interested in eliminating and preventing process problems.  This course is highly recommended for (making) process improvements … Jacquelyn Barnett, Operations Supervisor, Bama Companies.


(This IEE Lean Six Sigma Black Belt course) helped me look at each process relative to how it impacts overall company goals.  (This course encourages asking) how does improving this process improve the bottom line?  Looking forward to implementing these tools in my daily work… Seth Nienhuis, Bama Companies.


The Lean Six Sigma Black Belt (on-line) training offered by Smarter Solutions has a variety of training styles that are both interactive and engaging. During the one-on-one learning, Forrest Breyfogle III shares his wide variety of industry experience with relevant stories to help visualize how to apply the tools. I have learned to identify the key metrics that have the highest business impact, and how to effectively implement change supported by the metrics and data analysis. I continue to utilize these tools daily!  …  Candace Williams, Manager, Operational Excellence

Business Management System Testimonials: Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE)

IEE addresses the common-place business scorecard and improvement issues that are described in a one-minute video:


business management system testimonials, iee video


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