Amazon Business Management System Book Video: A Customer Review

A Business Management System Book Video provided by a customer is available on the Amazon-book page for Management 2.0: Discovery of Integrated Enterprise Excellence.

Management 2.0 is available in paperback, e-book, and audio-book formats.

Amazon Business Management System Book Video

In the video, Mark noted how in this novel, four golfing friends uncover some elephant in the room issues that occur in their organizations and discover what they should do differently to resolve the problems using the book-described Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) business management system.

There were five points from this book, which resonated with Mark that this book resolved.  These five points were:

  • Business goals not being met.
  • Persistent day-to-day firefighting problems.
  • Scorecards leading to non-beneficial, if not destructive behaviors. To address this common-place organizational issue, the book even provides a free software app that shows how to improve the reporting of performance metrics.
  • Business strategies are typically too generic and don’t get completed in a timely fashion.
  • Expenditure of a huge amount of process improvement resources that do not benefit the big picture.

Mark highly suggested purchasing Management 2.0: Discovery of Integrated Enterprise Excellence.


Amazon Business Management System Book Video


Two Amazon Management 2.0 Book Reviews

  • I read this book to learn more about the best practices in implementing strategic improvement using the proven tools of scorecards, strategic planning, project selection and implementation and measuring success. This book is from the author that wrote the best book on Implementing Lean Six Sigma. He knows what he is talking about and presents his wisdom in a way that reveals that not only does applying these lessons differentiate an organization from their competitors and provide better business value – it also provides a better customer and employee experience. By focusing on the every-changing needs and capabilities of the marketplace and the supply chain, business are more agile and adaptive. No longer are employees treated as a pair of hands. because they are needed to Implement the principles and approach. This is useful in a learning organization focused on continuous improvement. – Janet Hammill
  • Management 2.0: Discovery of Integrated Enterprise Excellence is a great addition to Forrest Breyfogle’s long list of business improvement books. As an avid golfer I really enjoyed the story format in keeping my interest as well as understanding the IEE system. Forrest’s illustration of golf driver shot distance variation was enlightening and caused me to reexamine my own shot selection. As a Lean Six Sigma professional I was especially interested in his discussion of Lean deployment which typically is not long lasting. Any company starting the journey of business improvements should make this book a must-read. – Bill Sampson
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