Enhanced SPC P-chart can Include Capability Statement in One Chart

An enhanced  Statistical Process Control SPC p-chart approach provides in one chart both a process stability and capability assessment/statement. The Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) enhanced SPC p-chart 30,000-foot-level measurement approach for non-conformance rate time-series tracking of data (i.e., from a high-level overall process output point of view) also provides a prediction statement when a process is stable, in one graphic. 

In addition, many traditional control p-charts can created false out-of-control signals, which can lead to much firefighting common cause variability as though it were special cause.  This occurred in the illustration below (click here to see why this process is actually stable). This IEE enhanced p-chart approach is expanded upon in the Internet published article link below.

spc p-chart - traditional approach

Enhanced SPC P-chart can Provide Capability Statement in One Chart

Additional information about the IEE approach for enhancing control charts, click on the link below.  Much can be gained from an IEE 30,000-foot-level approach when examining process output time-series data.


Contact Us to set up a time to discuss with Forrest Breyfogle how your organization might gain much from an IEE 30,000-foot-level enhanced SPC p-chart approach that is also applicable to variables data.


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