ASQ Quality Management Division Webinar: Management 2.0

This ASQ Quality Management Division Webinar recording (Management 2.0 for Practitioners and Managers) describes a comprehensive 9-step Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) business management system to resolve many organizational elephant-in-the-room management issues.

Management 2.0 for Practitioners and Managers: ASQ Quality Management Division Webinar Recording

This webinar helps practitioners and managers go beyond organizational issues that commonly occur with tried-but-not-so-true techniques like strategic planning, the balanced scorecard, red-yellow-green scorecards, reports, hoshin kanri, and Lean Six Sigma programs.

View this session to learn, among other things, a 9-step system to create and report 30,000-foot-level operational and satellite-level financial performance metrics, which separate high-level common-cause variation from special-cause events.  30,000-foot-level performance statements can be predictive, where if a common-cause prediction statement is undesirable, this metric improvement need will ″pull″ for the creation of a process improvement effort.

This webinar is for:

  • C-suite
  • VP of process improvement
  • Operations executives
  • Quality director
  • Quality manager
  • Process improvement practitioners

Webinar Teachings

In this informative webinar, you will learn how to resolve issues such as:

  • Business goals not being met.
  • Scorecards that often lead to harmful, if not destructive, behaviors.
  • Persistent day-to-day firefighting problems.
  • Business strategies are often very generic and difficult to translate to organizational work environments.
  • Lean events and other improvement projects can consume many resources but often do not offer a quantifiable whole-business benefit.
  • Lean Six Sigma process improvement deployments have improvement projects, which are either not completed in a timely fashion or make questionable financial claims.

Summary of Presented Concepts and Free Software in ASQ Quality Management Division Webinar

This webinar summarizes the concepts and free tools provided in two novel-written books, Management 2.0 and Leadership System 2.0.

ASQ Quality Management Division Webinar: Management 2.0 BookASQ Quality Management Division Webinar: Leadership System 2.0 Book

Webinar concepts and tools from these books include:

  • The provided free software app can create 30,000-foot-level charts for a variety of process-output data situations. This performance metric reporting technique often provides a predictive statement, where if a prediction statement is undesirable, this need ″pulls″ for the execution of a process improvement effort.
  • A web page with hyperlinks shows when to use Lean or Six Sigma tools appropriately in an organization. Described is a roadmap for the wise utilization and execution of business management and improvement tools. Included in this roadmap are proven techniques such as analysis of variance/means, brainstorming, cause-and-effect diagrams, design of experiments, 5 whys, Gemba Walks, general linear models, hypothesis testing, kaizen events, kanbans, Lean, muda, Pareto charts, plan-do-check-act, poka-yoke, regression analysis, scatter plot, total productive maintenance, value stream mapping, visualization of data, and wisdom of the organization.
  • The demonstration of a behind-a-fire-wall system that (among other things) has 24×7 access, which can provide automatic updated predictive performance metrics that align with the processes that created them.


Webinar Presenter

Forrest Breyfogle is an ASQ Fellow and CEO of Smarter Solutions.  He has authored over a dozen books. Forrest’s new Management and Leadership 2.0 two-book set provides a novel-written-format explanation of an enhanced business management system that addresses the day’s challenges.

Mr. Breyfogle was named Quality Professional of the Year for 2011 by Quality Magazine and in 2012 was awarded alumni of the year by Missouri University of Science and Technology. He received the prestigious ASQ Crosby Medal for an earlier book, Implementing Six Sigma, and the 2013 Lean & Six Sigma World Conference Leadership Award.

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