Boeing’s Manufacturing Problems: An Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) Solution

Boeing’s manufacturing problems now include a Boeing aircraft door plug falling off. Much has changed since I was employed at the company’s aircraft manufacturing facility in St. Louis.


Boeing's manufacturing problems worse now - resolution through IEE


I worked at McDonnell Aircraft in St. Louis for two summers while attending Missouri University of Science and Technology (Missouri S&T). My employment was before the Boeing Company bought McDonnell Aircraft.


During one summer, I conducted time studies observing how workers installed rivets in the military’s F-4 Phantom jets that the company was manufacturing.


(My father made dummy parts for the Mercury and Gemini space missions at McDonnell Aircraft.)


Ironically, during the other college summer working at McDonnell Aircraft, I assessed the company’s implementation of Phil Crosby’s Zero Defects program. About 40 years later (2004), ASQ awarded me their Crosby Medal for authoring a distinguished book that contributes significantly to the extension of the philosophy and application of the principles, methods, or techniques of quality management.



Boeing's manufacturing problems worse since their Zero defect program in th 1960s



 Adding FAA and other inspections is not sufficient to resolve Boeing’s quality problems. To resolve Boeing’s manufacturing problems, the company needs to “rebuild the foundation instead of patching the roof.” The Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) business management system is the methodology for accomplishing this much-needed change.


Boeing’s Manufacturing Problems: An Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) Solution


The article “A Business Process Management (BPM) Model That Would Resolve Boeing’s Quality Problems” summarizes the benefits of the IEE methodology and how to implement it. The IEE system and software described in this article resolve commonplace metric reporting and process improvement shortcomings within organizations. 


Boeing's manufacturing problems resolution


I have written over fifteen books and hundreds of articles on business management and process improvement. We at Smarter Solutions, Inc. are passionate about helping organizations benefit from IEE and its metric reporting and process improvement techniques.


We can help Boeing and other organizations “put together the pieces” by facilitating their implementation of the IEE system. For your can convenience, you can schedule a video meeting session with me to discuss this beneficial organizational opportunity through the link:


Putting the pieces to address Boeing's manufacturing problems and more