Book Review of Lean Six Sigma Body of Knowledge Textbook

Provided below is a link to a book review of a lean Six Sigma body of knowledge textbook.  The title of the book is  Integrated Enterprise Excellence Volume III: Improvement Project Execution: A Management and Black Belt Guide for Going Beyond Lean Six Sigma and the Balanced Scorecard, authored by Forrest Breyfogle.

This published review states “Lean Six Sigma practitioners will find this volume indispensable as a reference for enterprise-DMAIC and process-DMAIC roadmaps. Managers will appreciate the visual management perspective in presenting analysis results,” testifies Spencer in this book review. 

This book builds upon the concepts described in the ASQ Crosby Medal award winning book Implementing Six Sigma. The PDF document below elaborates on what is described in this Lean Six Sigma project execution book and its benefits.

lean six sigma body of knowledge book review

Lean Six Sigma Body of Knowledge Book Review: Applications of Book

Organizations and universities benefit when using this book in their training and workshops.  There are over 100 examples and exercises at the end of most chapters. A step-by-step Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control (DMAIC) road map is covered that truly integrates the application of Six Sigma and lean tools so that the right tool is used at the right time.

How to implement the described Lean Six Sigma project execution book techniques for a variety of performance measurement improvement needs is described in the following book-followed training and textbooks:

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ASQ Quality Management Forum (QMF) editor, Robert Spencer, provides a detailed QMF published review of this Lean Six Sigma Body of Knowledge Book. For a copy of this book review, download the published PDF article.