Enhanced Business Process Management Body of Knowledge Book: Table of Contents

An enhanced business process management body of knowledge book describes a next-generation methodology shows how to taken BPM to its next level.

Enhanced Business Process Management Body of Knowledge Book: Table of Contents

The book The Business Process Management Guidebook:  An Integrated Enterprise Excellence BPM System provides the business management system structure for BPM 2.0.


business process management body of knowledge book


This book addresses the common-place business management system issues relative to scorecards and improvement that are described in a one-minute video:


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The Table of Contents for this The Business Process Management Guidebook:  An Integrated Enterprise Excellence BPM System is:

Book Contents (Chapters and Section Titles)

1. Why I Wrote This Book and How You Can Benefit from It

  • Which Scenario Best Describes You?
  • Why Use a BPM/EPM Implementation Roadmap?
  • Book’s References
  • Where to Start When Reading This Book

2. Benefiting from BPM/EPM Integration and the Avoidance of BPM Implementation Risks

  • BPM Critical Success Factors
  • Risks in a BPM Implementation
  • Benefits and Challenges of Implementing BPM
  • Giving Them What Is Needed
  • BPM Is Not Only Process Automation

3. Components of BPM and Their Usage

  • A System for Integrating BPM with EPM
  • More Information About BPM/EPM Integration
  • Next Topics

4. Foundation for an IEE BPM/EPM System

  • Vision and Mission
  • Traditional Porter’s Value Chain
  • Enhancement of Porter’s Value Chain

5. Process Management Performance Dashboards

  • Common-cause and Special-cause Variability
  • Reporting Performance

6. Performance Management Through IEE Value Chain

  • Enabling Technology That Automates Performance Reporting
  • EPM Routine Performance Reviews

7. Establishing a Solid EPM System in a BPM/EPM Deployment

  • EPM Implementation Steps

8. EPM: Analyze the Enterprise

  • Whole-system Analysis for Improving the Financials
  • Potential Projects: Rules/Policy Projects
  • Potential Projects: Operational Performance Measurement Improvement
  • Potential Projects: New Market Opportunities
  • Potential Projects: Process Automation Opportunities
  • EPM Analyze Phase

9. EPM: Establishing Goals, Creating Strategies, and Identification of Improvement Projects

  • Establishing Financial and Operational Goals
  • Creating Strategies
  • Identification of Focus Areas for Improving the Financials
  • Building an Enterprise Improvement Plan (EIP)

10. EPM: How to Improve the Business As a Whole

  • Selecting an Improvement Approach
  • Common Cause Condition (Solution Unknown)
  • Reporting the Progress of Improvement Projects

11. EPM: Maintaining the Gain and Sustaining Performance
12. BPM in a BPM/EPM Deployment and Process Management

  • Managing Organization’s Business Processes
  • BPM Lifecycle
  • Achievement of BPM Critical Success Factors

15. BPM: Process Analysis

  • Analyses to Improvement

14. BPM: Process Modeling

  • Process Modeling and the IEE Value Chain
  • Process Simulation
  • Additional Information

15. BPM: Process Design

  • Creating a New Process Model

16. BPM: Management Rules and IT Infrastructure

  • Management Rules
  • IT Infrastructure

17. Process Transformation

  • How to Initiate Transformation

18. Process Organization

  • Creating a Process Culture
  • Process Management Roles
  • Organizational Structures

19. BPM/EPM Technology

  • Application of BPM/EPM Technology

20. Applying the IEE BPM/EPM Methodologies

  • Discovering Improvement Opportunities with Focused Status Meetings
  • Where to Focus Our Enterprise Improvement Efforts and Process Automation
  • Reducing On-time Delivery Problems
  • Reducing Customer Service Return Call Rate
  • Airport Parking Lot Could Benefit from BPM Simulation and VOC
  • BPM System and Voice of the Customer
  • Process Improvement Desire
  • Process Improvement Idea Implementation
  • BPM System Simulation and Risk Avoidance
  • Additional Considerations

21. Applying IEE BPM/EPM Techniques to Your Situation

  • New CEO to Revive Financials
  • Executive That Finds Competition Eroding the Market
  • Your Company Has Declining Financials
  • Your Company Is Doing Well but There Are Few Performance Measures
  • You Are Chosen to Lead A New Process Improvement Function
  • You Have Been Selected to Lead a BPM Deployment
  • Your BPM Deployment Is Focused on IT Solutions and Missing the Management System

22. Achieving ABPMP BPM CBOK® Critical Success Factors
23. Business Process Management Self-Assessment and Next Steps
Next Steps
24. Acronyms and Glossary

25. References

More information about the book, The Business Process Management Guidebook:  An Integrated Enterprise Excellence BPM System, Forrest W. Breyfogle III, Citius Publishing, 2013:

For additional information about Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) see: Business Management Implementation: IEE Articles, Videos, Books


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