Next Generation Business Management Systems Guide Books

guide to implement IEE, an enhanced business systemIn these next generation business management systems guide books the Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) is described in detail. These book descriptions provide the how-to’s details for implementing IEE and taking organizations to their next level.

Next Generation Business Management Systems Guide Books: IEE Volume 2

In the business management book, Integrated Enterprise Excellence Volume II – Business Deployment: A Leaders’ Guide for Going Beyond Lean Six Sigma and the Balanced Scorecard, a guide to implement IEE, an enhanced business management system, is provided. This text, the second volume in a series of three, discusses problems encountered with traditional scorecard, business management, and enterprise improvement systems. It describes how IEE helps organizations overcome these issues utilizing a 9-step business management system, as shown in the figure, and systematically walks through the execution of this 9-step business management system using an Enterprise Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control (E-DMAIC) roadmap structure.


The Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) system is a set of management techniques that, when effectively implemented, improve an organization’s measurement and improvement system so that there is an increase in predictable and sustainable bottom-line benefits.

The IEE system embeds a set of best practices derived from the strengths of past systems-applying structured metrics and a no-nonsense roadmap to initiate process improvement and achieve substantial benefits. IEE takes Lean Six Sigma and the Balanced Scorecard to the next level in the pursuit of enterprise excellence.

Included in this unique 9-step business management system are:

  • Goal setting
  • A unique/powerful scorecard system
  • Strategic analysis and strategy building

Included also is

  • How to use Theory of Constraints (TOC) to identify enterprise constraints that need to be the focus for process improvements.
  • Integration of Lean tools and their assessments
  • Effective identification of project improvement opportunities

This volume describes a unique process improvement project selection system where process improvement projects are pulled for creation by enterprise business metric improvement needs, instead of the traditional approach where process improvement projects are pushed for creation; e.g., a steering committee lists potential improvement projects, then ranks these improvement projects to determine what projects, for example, attendees will be working on in a Lean Six Sigma training workshop.

Often with Lean Six Sigma traditional improvement project selection systems, the selected Lean Six Sigma projects don’t get completed, and even when they do, the project improvement stated financial benefits are not as good as quoted to the enterprise as a whole; i.e., traditional process improvement projects are often created in silos, where the improvement projects don’t impact the business as a whole. What is wrong with this picture?  Business governance organizational measurement and improvement project systems are not aligned in a governance system that has measurements that pull for the best process improvement project selection.

The 9-step IEE business management system provides:

  • An effective governance framework that can lead organizations to achieving the 3 Rs of business; i.e., everybody doing the Right things and doing them Right at the Right time.
  • An enterprise business governance system with its organizationally balanced scorecards and strategic planning methodology that can become the organizational framework that is long-lasting, even with leadership changes.

This IEE governance system can become:

  • The framework for application of Malcolm Baldrige methodologies and awarding of the Malcolm Baldrige award.
  • A IEE governance system that provides an excellent framework for an ISO-9000 compliance system, which helps the business as a whole – as opposed to simply doing whatever it takes to get ISO-9000 compliance.

More information about the book, Integrated Enterprise Excellence Volume II – Business Deployment: A Leaders’ Guide for Going Beyond Lean Six Sigma and the Balanced Scorecard, Forrest W. Breyfogle III, Bridgeway Books/Citius Publishing, Austin, TX 2008.

Next Generation Business Management Systems Guide Books: Additional IEE Books

Additional aspects of implementing the IEE methodology, including identification and execution of improvement projects is described in other IEE books in the set.

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