Important Box Cox Transformation Considerations

Important Box Cox transformation considerations that should be addressed before applying this data-transforming technique are described in the PDF article below.

Important Box Cox Transformation Considerations

Box Cox transformations can be very useful for the transformation of non-normal data:

box cox transformation may be needed

However, care needs to be exercised when using a Box Cox transformation.  Consider the following:

Have you ever needed a quick method to summarize and convert constants, or had a situation you needed to convert back to original units, which is an algebra?

For instance, instead of questioning how to transform your data requiring a non-standard lambda, a better question is determining the “why” for data transformation and conversion.

The PDF article link below addresses the importance of “why” transformations and conversions!


Important Box Cox Transformation Considerations for Assessing Process Stability and Making a Prediction Statement

In the Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) system 30,000-foot-level performance metric reporting provides a means to assess from a high-level point of view process stability and include, when appropriate, a predictive statement.

Box Cox transformation considerations are an integral part of this form of futuristic reporting methodology.  For an illustration of 30,000-foot-level reporting and why an appropriate Box Cox transformation can be important, click here.


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