BPM Articles, MIS Articles, and Lean Six Sigma Articles

Over 50 of Forrest’s published BPM Articles, MIS Articles, and Lean Six Sigma Articles below describe the benefits of an enhanced Business Management System. This next-generation BPM 2.0 methodology enhances organizational KPI reporting and process improvement efforts so the enterprise as a whole benefit.

The following articles address various aspects and benefits of the Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) business management system and its 30,000-foot-level IEE performance measurement reporting methodology.

Additional information about the management information system (MIS) and application of the business improvement methodology of IEE is provided in the video, books, and free 30,000-foot-level reporting software near the end of this post.


Published Articles for Business Process Management (BPM), Management Information System (MIS), Lean Six Sigma (LSS), and Business Analysis 2.0 Topics

  1. Meaningful Metrics: Deciding which quality metrics to monitor and how to report them,” Quality Progress, August 2023. (Performance Measurement Reporting 2.0 Article)
  2.  “Driving Better Solutions: Metrics reporting that can lead to the best behaviors,” Quality Progress, September 2022. (Process Performance Metric Reporting 2.0 Article)
  3. An App Alternative: New process capability reporting app and how-to business management enrichments,” Quality Progress, October 2021. (Process Performance Metric Reporting 2.0 Article)
  4. A Better Way: A Different Approach To COVID-19 Analysis Explores Whether The Situation Is Improving,” Quality Progress, September 2020. (Business Analytics 2.0 Article)
  5. Goal Setting’s Conflict Resolution: What to do when Business Goal Setting and Process Improvements are at Odds,” Quality Progress, October 2019. (Business Process Management [BPM] 2.0)
  6. Transforming Individuals Control Chart Data,” ASQ Statistics Digest (Mini paper), Volume 38, No 1 2019. (Performance Metrics Reporting 2.0 Article)
  7. The Improvement of Scorecard Management: Comparing Deming’s red bead experiment to red-yellow-green scorecards,” Quality Progress, October 2018. (Deming KPI Reporting 2.0 Methodology)
  8. Creating a Long-lasting Lean Six Sigma Deployment,” Six Sigma Forum Magazine, August 2017. (Lean Six Sigma Implementation 2.0 Article)
  9. Beyond Lean Six Sigma: Why lean and Six Sigma Deployments Fail and What you can do to resolve issue,” Quality Progress, August 2017. (Implementing Lean Six Sigma 2.0 Article)
  10. Performance Metric Reporting at the 30,000-foot-level: Resolving issues with x-bar and R Control Chart and Process Capability Indices Reporting,” ASQ Statistics Division Newsletter, June 2017. (Process Performance Metric Reporting 2.0 Article)
  11. Monitor and Manage: Diabetes Measurement Tracking at 30,000-foot-level,” Quality Progress, January 2017. (Performance Measurement Reporting 2.0 Article)
  12. High Vantage Point: Report-outs to reduce the risk of organizational problems,” Quality Progress, December 2015. (KPI Measurements 2.0)
  13. Understanding the Data: A way to convert a numbers table to automatically generated predictive report-outs,” Quality Progress, December 2014. (KPI Measurements Report-out 2.0 Article)
  14. Metrology Department KPIs Reporting for Calibration,” ASQ The Standard, November 2014. (Management Information System 2.0)
  15. Positive Metric Performance, Poor Business Performance: How Does This Happen?” com, July 2014. (Business Process Management [BPM] 2.0 Article)
  16. 30,000-foot-level Performance Metric Reporting,” Six Sigma Forum Magazine, February 2014. (KPI Business Performance Metrics Reporting 2.0)
  17. 5 Things Every Lean Six Sigma Belt Should Learn in Their Training,” com, March 2014. (LSS 2.0)
  18. The Best of Both Methods: Combining Business Process Management and Lean Six Sigma,” Quality Progress, December 2013. (LSS 2.0) (BPM 2.0)
  19. 7 Deadly Sins of Business Process Management,” com, Nov. 2013. (Business Process Management [BPM] 2.0 Article)
  20. Stop Playing Games with the Numbers! How to Create a Process Driven Organization,” com, Sept. 2013. (BPM Articles 2.0)
  21. Avoiding Strategic and Personal Risk in BPM Deployments: Why organizations should not start with automation when initiating a BPM deployment,” com, June 2013. (BPM 2.0 Article)
  22. No Specification? No Problem: Improving process performance when missing specifications,” Quality Progress, December 2013. (Business Performance Measurements 2.0)
  23. Integration of Lean Tools with Predictive Scorecards,” Lean Enterprise Division Newsletter, September 2012 (Lean Six Sigma 2.0)
  24. Silo-Avoidance Metrics That Lead to the Three R’s of Business,” ASQ Electronics and Communications Newsletter Continuity, July 2012. (Management Information System 2.0 Article)
  25. Minimizing Business Risks Through a Statistics-Based Predictive Scorecard System,” ASQ Statistics Division Newsletter, May 2012. (KPI Business Performance Metric Reporting 2.0)
  26. Inputs Into Action: 9 steps to a better VOC-initiated improvement project,” Quality Progress, January 2012. (BPM 2.0 System)
  27. Lean’s Integration in an Enhanced Business Management System,” Quality Magazine, September 2011. (Management Information System 2.0 Article)
  28. A System to Stay in Control,” Six Sigma Forum, February 2011. (MIS 2.0 System)
  29. Integrating Inputs: A system to capture and react to VOC data can pay dividends,” Quality Progress, January 2011.  (Management Information System [MIS] 2.0)
  30. Insight Or Folly? Resolve issues with process capability indexes, business metrics Quality Progress, January 2010. (Performance Metric Capability Reporting 2.0)
  31. Control and Grow your Enterprise: The Right Business Measurements and Controls Benefit the Whole Company,” Quality Progress, February 15, 2009 (System Thinking 2.0 Article)
  32. New Methods to Achieve Production and Financial Gains,” American Management Association (AMA) M-World, co-authored with Oracle Packaging CEO Scott Dickman, December 1, 2008. (Business Process Management [BPM] 2.0)
  33. Beyond Troubleshooting – Black Belt Training Should Blend Analytics with Creativity,” Six Sigma Forum, November 1, 2008. (LSS Analytics 2.0)
  34. Stop Fighting Fires,” American Management Association Website, October 1, 2008. (BPM articles 2.0)
  35. Managers and Executive Skills: Six Sigma Seeks Perfection,” Automation World, October 1, 2008 (LSS Deployment 2.0 Article)
  36. Better Fostering Innovation: 9 Steps that Improve Lean Six Sigma,” Business Performance Management, September 1, 2008. (Lean and Six Sigma Implementation 2.0)
  37. The Inside Track on Six Sigma Training,” Quality, February 1, 2008. (Lean and Six Sigma 2.0 Training)
  38. The Future of Quality Management,” Quality Digest, January 31, 2008. (Quality Management System [QMS] 2.0)
  39. Starting a Six Sigma Initiative,”Integrated Enterprise Excellence, Volume 1, The Basics, Golfing Buddies Go Beyond Lean Six Sigma and the Balanced Scorecard, Citius Publishing, 2008.
  40. Thought Leadership in Print: Integrated Enterprise Excellence System,” sdcexec.com, February 1, 2008. (MIS 2.0 Deployment)
  41. A Curriculum for Tomorrow’s Black Belts,” Six Sigma Forum, August 1, 2007 (Lean and Six Sigma Integration of Tools Training 2.0)
  42. Six Sigma Critic Way off Target,” Referenced in Article, Six Sigma Forum, February 19, 2007. (LSS 2.0 Benefits)
  43. The Three Rs of Business,” Quality, May 16, 2007. (QMS System 2.0 Article)
  44. Six Sigma at CIGNA,” Referenced in the article, Quality Progress, May 14, 2007. (Lean Six Sigma 2.0 Implementation)
  45. Common Cause – How Six Sigma Can Drive Better Management Reports,” Business Performance Management, April 18, 2007. (Business Performance Reporting and Improvement 2.0)
  46. Thought Leadership in Print: Beyond Lean Six Sigma with Forrest Breyfogle III,” Supply Demand Chain Executive, March 29, 2007. (Beyond Lean and Six Sigma)
  47. DFSS Reliability System Thinking Assessment,” ASQ World Convention, February 19, 2007. (Design for Six Sigma 2.0)
  48. Six Sigma Forum, Let the Real Six Sigma Stand Up,” Six Sigma Forum Magazine, February 19, 2007. (LSS Deployment Challenges Article)
  49. Control Charting at 30,000-foot-level, Part 4,” (log-normal with negative numbers) Quality Progress, November 2006. (Performance Metric Reporting 2.0)
  50. Invest in Training,” Quality, August 1, 2006. (Process Improvement Training Need)
  51. Process Stability and Predictability for Non-normal Response Data,” ASQ World Conference Proceedings, May 1, 2006. (Process Measurement Reporting 2.0)
  52. Control Charting at 30,000-foot-level: part 3,” (Infrequent Failures) Quality Progress, November 2005. (Performance Metric Reporting 2.0 Article)
  53. 21 Common (Six Sigma) Problems (and what to do about them),” Six Sigma Forum, August 5, 2005. (Lean Six Sigma 2.0 Implementation)
  54. Focusing the Power of Six Sigma in the Healthcare Insurance Industry: Lowering Medical Costs while Improving Patient Service and Outcomes,” ASQ World Conference Proceedings, May 1, 2005. (Lean Six Sigma 2.0 Case Study)
  55. Control Charting at the 30,000-foot-level: Part 2,” (Attribute Data) Quality Progress, November 1, 2004. (Performance Metric Reporting 2.0 Article)
  56. Beyond Six Sigma/Lean: Methods to Ensure Your Organization’s Health,” ASQ Statistics Division Newsletter Special Publication, March 1, 2004. (Lean Six Sigma 2.0 Article)
  57. Control Charting at the 30,000-foot-level,” (Part 1 of 4, Subgroup Data) Quality Progress, November 2003, pages 67-70. (Process Performance Metric Reporting 2.0)
  58. Implementing Six Sigma – Part 2,” ASQ Quality Management Division Newsletter, Summer 1999, Volume 25, Number 2. (Implementing Six Sigma 2.0)
  59. Implementing Six Sigma – Part 1,” ASQ Quality Management Division Newsletter (Implementing Lean Six Sigma 2.0)
  60. Pass/Fail Functional Testing and Associated Test Coverage,” Quality Engineering 4(2), 227-234, 1991-1992 (co-authored with Angelo Aloia). (Business Analytics 2.0 Article)


Books and Video that Integrates Concepts from BPM Articles, MIS Articles, and Lean Six Sigma Articles

Management 2.0 and Leadership System 2.0 are written as a novel and available in paperback, e-book, and audio book formats. These books provide an integration of the concepts described in the above articles.

BPM Articles 2.0 TextBPM Articles 2.0 Text


The video below shows an integration of concepts from the BPM Articles, MIS Articles, and Lean Six Sigma articles above.



Free App for Creating 30,000-foot-level Performance Metrics Reporting

A free app for creating the 30,000-foot-level reporting that is described in many of the above articles is available through the link http://www.smartersolutions.com/eprs-metrics-software.

An example report from this software is:




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