Coronavirus Drives Need for Change

Coronavirus drives need for change should be an essential consideration of management when they consider what to do in the future.

The coronavirus pandemic has caused a significant economic impact on many companies. Organizations are trying to understand, react to, and collect learning from events that have unfolded.  Many news releases displayed unexpected twists-and-turns in the environment. Recollection is the only way to create a comprehensive picture of the situation.

The preparedness of companies to deal with the coronavirus pandemic and its aftermath is different. Further disruption is anticipated. Organizations need to consider lessons learned to date about the impact their business has received from the coronavirus pandemic and what they should do differently in the future.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, past management practices can be ineffective in the future.  Organizations need a Business Management and Leadership System 2.0 methodology that addresses the needs of our new workplace environment.  This video describes the benefits and how to create such a system.

Coronavirus drives need for change video

Coronavirus Drives Need for Change: Benefits of Video Described System

The system provided in this “Coronavirus Drives Need for Change” video offers a methodology for the continual reframing of an understanding of what’s occurring in the business. Provided are a big-picture synthesis of the situation and a plan to deal with it. The described system provides a living document, with a time-stamped current view of expectations from the output of processes. This organizational view is essential to learn and make process adjustments in a rapidly changing environment.

The how-to-create-and-execute video describes a means for reducing bureaucracy, sensitive, controversial, and/or high-profile issues across organizational functions.  Described is a mechanism for creating teams that make process adjustments for the reduction of risks, maintenance of administrative control, and do what is best so that the enterprise-as-a-whole benefits.

This video includes a means for the formulation of a living digital document that is transparent across functions.  The structure of this document is long-lasting and updated as coronavirus and business need change. In this digital reporting, the included predictive performance metrics can provide insight never observed before relative to what is happening throughout an organization. This living digital document enhances organizational reaction speed by circumventing the hassle of issuing and approving multiple copies of documents and the associated risks. A how-to system is proved in the video that also offers a means to distinguish between facts, hypotheses, and speculations.

The system described in the video delivers a means to transparently address communication, remote work, travel, supply chain, and forecasts throughout an organization.

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