Enhancement of Performance Measurement Tools

Enhanced performance measurement tools are available through the Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) approach for tracking metrics, which can provide a prediction statement.  If a futuristic statement is not desirable, process improvement is needed to enhance the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) or other process-output metric need.

Enhancement of Performance Measurement Tools

Many organizations struggle to get their efforts completed on time because of routine “Firefights” keep coming up and taking all the free time away if not delaying currently planned work. No matter how it is addressed, the problems continue to return. What is needed is enhanced performance measurement tools that reduces firefighting.

performance measurement tools that reduce firefighting

IEE 30,000-foot-level performance metrics address this issue head on through the inclusion of the process variability in its report-out.

In the book PDF excerpt below, there is a demonstration of how to transition a traditional metric report-out to an IEE prediction statement. This is excerpt from the first book (black cover) in the Integrated Enterprise Excellence five book series.


performance measurement tools in a 5-book series


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