Enhanced Process Improvement Methodologies for Business and Projects

The enhanced process improvement methodologies offered by  Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) provide benefits to process improvement project selection and the execution these projects so the business as a whole benefits.

Enhanced Process Improvement Methodologies for Business and Projects

The IEE system offers enhanced process improvement methodologies that addresses the issues described in a one-minute video:

process improvement methodologies video and scorecards

There is often much contention between Six Sigma and lean communities. Lean disciples often believe that their methodologies should come first or be above Six Sigma, relative to organizational application, while others with a strong Six Sigma background propose just the opposite.

Many process improvement programs now refer to their deployments as lean Six Sigma; however, these programs still tend to consider the tools in isolation without a true tool-integration road map. To address this integration issue, an examination of the measurement that is to be improved can provide insight into which tool or tools would be most applicable for any given situation.  The means to accomplish this is addressed in the Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) business management system.

The Internet PDF article that is available below provides more detail.


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