KPI Dashboard: Management 2.0 Audio Book Excerpt

Over the years, I have observed how common-place KPI dashboard metrics reports can lead to behaviors that are not in the best interest of the whole organization. This KPI dashboard reporting shortcoming can lead to an organization’s financials being negatively impacted and many losing their job. Know anybody who has had a lost-job fate?

Let’s first examine the issue and then discuss what you can do to resolve any metric-reporting and other elephant in the room unhealthy policy issues in your organization.

The following excerpt from the audio book Management 2.0: Discovery of Integrated Enterprise Excellence provides a discussion between two golfing friends about how red-yellow-green scorecard reporting can lead to much firefighting and playing games with the numbers.


KPI Dashboard Discussion: Management 2.0 Audio Book

This audio-book recording sample makes reference to Figure 7.4 of Management 2.0: Discovery of Integrated Enterprise Excellence, which is:


red-yellow-green dashboard KPI reporting


The following video shows the problems with red-yellow-green scorecard reports (and dashboard reporting in general) and what to do to resolve the issues:



A Traditional KPI Dashboard can lead to unhealthy behaviors

Among other things, Management 2.0 describes how traditional KPI dashboards such as red-yellow-green, table of numbers, and associated goal setting practices can lead to very bad, if not destructive, organizational behaviors.


Management 2.0


This book, written as a novel, provides a roadmap that YOU can provide to your organizations for addressing its ‘elephant in the room’ issues.  By undertaking the book described step-by-set approach for both identification and resolution to these issues, one will most certainly be insuring personal favor in their leadership’s eyes for their value and longevity of employment in the organization.

In this book, four golfing friends discover, in a story-book fashion, the benefits of the book-provided methodology over a traditional deployment of Lean, the Balanced Scorecard, Lean Six Sigma, and other traditional management and process improvement methodologies. These friends then implement the book-described system in their organizations and receive many accolades from their leadership.

Making Organizations Exceptional

Book Reviewer Comment: If you feel like you are constantly fire-fighting issues and that pressure from above is increasing for improvement (but without direction), then you need this book. Written as a story of business leaders talking about frustrations and successes in a variety of businesses brings these concepts into focus, and then the detailed descriptions show you that these are real tools, not just motivational approaches…  Bob Ashenbrenner, President, Durable Mobility Technologies, LLC

Contact me at [email protected] to schedule a one-on-one Zoom conference call, where I will guide you on the use of a free software app (provided in Appendix A of Management 2.0) for creating performance metrics that address the issues with traditional KPI dashboard metric reporting; for example, red-yellow-green scorecards.

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