Lean Six Sigma Training Objectives: What is Good Training for Your Situation

One of several lean six sigma training outcome-desires should be chosen before one selects what lean Six Sigma training program to undertake.

It is important to consider whether a simple “certification” stamp is desired or a true understanding of how to effectively apply lean Six Sigma techniques to improve processes and their metrics.  If only a “certification stamp” is desired, than simply studying for an ASQ certification exam may be the best choice.  An ASQ exams only has multiple choice test questions and does not evaluate whether one can use statistical software relative to executing a lean Six Sigma improvement project in the real world.

However, if someone wants to truly learn how to apply lean Six Sigma concepts effectively, their training focus decision should be much different.  

Lean Six Sigma Training Objectives: What is Good Training for Your Situation

What if someone wants more than a simple lean Six Sigma Black Belt or lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification for a resume builder? If this is the case, one should do more than simply study the tools and take an ASQ belt certification test.  For this situation, one needs to learn how to apply lean Six Sigma concepts in a real-world situation and effective utilize the lean Six Sigma Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control (DMAIC) roadmap techniques.


Lean Six Sigma 2.0 Black Belt Free Training Material roadmap


For this lean Six Sigma training,  one could chose a Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) approach and its project execution roadmap (DMAIC roadmap shown above), which provides more guidance details for an improvement project’s execution that traditional DMAIC roadmap.

The details for this enhanced training options is in the IEE 5-book series , which is provided and referenced during IEE lean Six Sigma training.


lean six sigma training objectives books


IEE lean Six Sigma methodology and training also includes a predictive performance reporting  30,000-foot-level methodology and the application of lean Six Sigma methods for decision making at the enterprise level as well.

More details about other training options that one should consider are discussed in the linked-to PDF article below.


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