Lean Six Sigma Clickable DMAIC Roadmap

Does your organization have issues and inconsistencies with the execution of Lean Six Sigma’s Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control (DMAIC) roadmap?  If so, the book Management 2.0: Discovery of Integrated Enterprise Excellence can address this DMAIC usage shortcoming.

This book provides a free, how-to access, and use of a published clickable DMAIC roadmap, which has supporting documentation.

The following is an excerpt from Chapter 9 of this book.


Book’s Excerpt: Lean Six Sigma Clickable DMAIC Roadmap

“Moving on. My thought is that I’ll now walk through this IEE DMAIC roadmap and the tasks to consider for each step. Keep in mind that this roadmap lists tools that are appropriate for each phase of the roadmap. Users of the roadmap are to determine which tools are appropriate for their particular process improvement situation. Will this work for you?”

Jorge was happy to see three thumbs-up signs from his friends.

Jorge continued, “Great! Jump in anytime you want to comment on something or would like more details.

“The first IEE DMAIC phase in the smartersolutions.com/roadmap web page is ‘Define.’ Select this phase portion of the roadmap. After this selection, you’ll see a drill-down for this phase (See Figure 9.4).

“This drill-down and other DMAIC phase drill-downs will similarly show a flowchart with a sequence of steps. When following this IEE DMAIC roadmap, the order for executing steps in a drill-down execution is flexible.”

Wayne then commented, “Wow, this website IEE DMAIC roadmap click-through tool is slick! And, you said books provide execution details for each high-level and drill-down step?”

Jorge responded, “Yep, the books provide not only the how-tos of individual tool usage but also how all the tools hook together for effective execution of an improvement project that enhances a 30,000-foot-level metric.

“In this ‘Define phase’ drill-down, you’ll see the tasks to consider as part of this phase’s execution. For example, this drill-down includes for a project its problem statement, project charter, selection of the team, Voice of the Customer (VOC), and cost of doing nothing differently (CODND). You’ll also see a description of how there’s to be a demonstrated linkage of the project’s 30,000-foot-level metric to a satellite-level metric enhancement objective. It’s important to remember that the reporting of IEE satellite-level and 30,000-foot-level metrics are similar, where a satellite-level reporting is for financial measurement such as monthly profit. In IEE, an enterprise improvement plan (EIP) graphic shows the linkage of strategic-performance-metric-improvement projects to overall business needs.”

Figure 9.4: IEE DMAIC Roadmap – Define Phase


Hank then said, “Jorge, we were discussing Voice of the Customer earlier and how traditional surveys, which are typically related to VOC work, have shortcomings. Now it seems as if you’re referencing VOC at the project level. Please explain.”

Jorge responded, “Great observation, Hank! In IEE, there’re two aspects on which VOC receives focused attention.  One VOC aspect is the enterprise, while the other is improvement project execution.

“The ‘Positive Metric Performance Poor Business Performance’ article that we discussed earlier included VOC as a first step in the article’s enterprise-level IEE value chain. An organization can gain much if there’s dedicated thought and effort to the refinement of this step’s process relative to the creation of productive customer and organizational communication. What IEE suggests is that a value chain VOC drill-down is much more than surveys.

“If you’ll bear with me, I would like to elaborate more about enterprise VOC and then return to project VOC.

“A friend of mine, Emma, had a personal experience that highlights the need for an organization to have an effective system to solicit real-time VOC inputs and then take timely action to resolve any identified issues.

“Emma enrolled her young dog in an obedience training class at a small facility near her home. She purchased weekly training-class sessions that would occur over two months. The dog-training instructor was not the owner of the facility.

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Management 2.0: Discovery of Integrated Enterprise Excellence is available in paperback, Kindle, and audio book formats for a lean-six-sigma-clickable-dmaic-roadmap (and more).

Lean Six Sigma Clickable DMAIC Roadmap Book

The book is listed as a Kindle e-book, but any computer, smartphone, or notepad can view the e-book.