Enhanced Lean Six Sigma Leadership Training

Enhanced lean Six Sigma leadership training is essential for a successful deployment. Lean Six Sigma leadership instruction needs to be more than a set of process improvement tools. When making a training content choice, one needs to closely examine not only the content of the offering but also the strategy for the lean Six Sigma deployment.

Enhanced Lean Six Sigma Leadership Training

Consider how many Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belts and Lean Six Sigma Black Belts are now losing their jobs in these tough corporate economic times. What does this tell us? In my mind, what we are experiencing is the ramifications of executive management not realizing the value of process improvement effort from their Lean Six Sigma deployments. We would think that when times get tough financially Lean Six Sigma work should be in even more demand but that is not the case. Something needs to be done differently!

An effective lean Six Sigma deployment should give focus to addressing the business performance measures and improvement issues described in the following one-minute video (a traditional lean Six Sigma deployment does not have this focus):


lean six sigma leadership training


An Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) deployment of lean Six Sigma addresses both  the why traditional lean Six Sigma deployments are not long lasting and how to address the business management needs that were highlighted in the video.

IEE lean Six Sigma leadership training provides the foundation for a successful, long lasting deployment. The white paper link below suggests that there are basically three reasons for traditional lean Six Sigma deployment shortcomings and has a description of the deployment scope and benefits for each alternative.


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