Lean Six Sigma

Someone told me during a facility tour how the application of lean techniques improved an operation. I then asked how this change enhanced the facility’s product lead time and the organization’s financials.  He said the change did not enhance any operational or business metric.

This lean improvement occurred in an organizational silo. The company needed a better Lean Six Sigma implementation approach.

Further Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) Lean Six Sigma tools analyses at the business level indicated that most of the organization’s improvement efforts should focus on marketing and sales, not operations, to improve the businesses’ financials.

to discuss how your organization could have huge benefits from our IEE Lean Six Sigma implementation methodology.

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The Article "Driving Better Solutions" describes how to overcome this commonplace problem

Why use the IEE Process Performance and KPI Metrics Reporting methodology and its software?

Traditional business scorecards often lead to unhealthy, if not destructive, behaviors. The IEE 30,000-foot-level metric reporting technique with its free application software resolves this common-place KPI reporting issue.

L. Pierre de Rochemont

Founder/GM Frontiernano - Industrialist

Instead of focusing on meeting next month’s arbitrarily set goals, what if companies concentrate on root causes that lead to higher quality and lower costs so that the big-picture benefits? The IEE system addresses questions like these with new energy and innovation.

Earl Maxwell

Retired CEO of St. David's Foundation 

 If you feel as if you are constantly firefighting issues and that pressure from above is increasing for improvement (but without direction), then you need the IEE system with its key performance metrics reporting.

Bob Ashenbrenner

CEO & President of Durable Mobility Technologies, LLC 

The IEE system with its KPI metrics reporting provides an umbrella process for Quality Management, providing a how- to integration methodology for quality approaches and tools.

Jerry Marnari

Past Chair ASQ

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to discuss how your organization could have huge benefits from our IEE Process Performance and KPI Metrics Reporting methodology.

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