Management Information System (MIS) 2.0

Someone told me that a large consulting company created three pages with a smattering of up-and-down, red-yellow-green arrows for his organization's scorecards, where the consultants couldn't even tell him what the metrics meant.

This person told me that our approach to tracking process-output responses was so much better than the traditional scorecard approach that the consulting company provided.

Red Yellow Green
is for the road

Traditional Red Yellow Green business management scorecards encourage reacting to common-cause, process-response variation as though special-cause events are occurring.

Stoplight scorecards can lead to much wasted ″firefighting efforts″ that have no long-lasting organizational benefit.

The book Management 2.0 provides a system thinking method for addressing this commonplace performance management system reporting issue.

Welcome to the new world of

IEE significantly enhances:

Organization’s bottom-line

KPI and performance metrics reporting

Lead times

Business analytics

Customer satisfaction

Leadership and other status reporting

Product quality

Team meeting effectiveness

Goal setting and achievement

Consistency of process execution

Decision making process

Supplier deliverables

Process improvement so big-picture benefits

Strategic planning and execution

Remote workplace management

IEE provides a single system for:

ISO 9000 certification
Deming’s management philosophy achievement
Malcolm Baldrige award criteria achievement
Shingo Prize criteria achievement

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