Next Generation Improving Key Performance Indicators Reporting Method

The next generation improving key performance indicators reporting method Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) provides the framework for organizations to both manage risks and seize opportunities so that the enterprise moves to the next level.

Next Generation Improving Key Performance Indicators Reporting: Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE)

Organizations need to minimize the risk of quality, delivery, and design problems with their offerings. Entities need to be measurable, auditable, sustainable, and consistent; however, if care is not exercised, executives, operations personnel, and quality departments can be making inappropriate decisions that lead to problems and/or excessive costs.

Metrics and their wise application can help mitigate these risks. Risks are mitigated through two primary methods; eliminate the risk through structural or procedural changes, or create a reporting structure that is able to identify performance changes before there is a risk of impacting a customer or client. This article is about the tools and methods to introduce a reporting structure that allows a business to identify and mitigate risk before it impacts the bottom line.

The IEE system addresses improving key performance indicators reporting (KPIs) issues as described in a one-minute video:

improving key performance indicator reporting

The following link to a published article provides more details about the IEE next generation business management system.


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