business management system resourcesThe business management system resources provided below provide not only insight to traditional approaches but enhanced methodologies as well.  Most articles and software can be freely viewed and/or downloaded.

Smarter Solutions has been involved in business process improvement and business management system development since 1992. Over that time, we have published more than 300 books, articles, videos and webinars to support our efforts. Nearly every one of these business improvement resources are available through our web portal. Most are free to view or download, although a majority of the published books and a few of the training webinars need to be purchased.

We believe in creating a lifetime relationship with our clients and students and the myriad of resources available through our web portal is one of the methods that we support this effort. It is always difficult to keep current on the skills that are not always used in your current job, so Smarter Solutions makes all of these business improvement resources available so that it will be easy to keep knowledgeable and competent in the areas of Business Process Improvement, Lean Six Sigma and Business Management Systems.

We hope you enjoy these business improvement resources and share freely.

Primary Business Management System Resources

Smarter Solutions Online Resource Library

business management system resourcesThis is the repository of all our public reference materials. This library includes access to over 300 published articles, topic specific “white papers”, webinars, and videos that span Smarter Solutions’ entire business services. Most of the material is provided free, although a few training webinars copies are provided at a minimal cost. To download material, you only need to register on our site, and all of the material can be yours!

Forrest Breyfogle’s Business Process Management System (BPM) Blog

business management system resources blogForrest’s Business Process Management (BPM) blog topics range from best practices in Enterprise Process Mangement (EPM) business systems, Business Process Management systems (BPM) performance scorecards, and other topics of interest to Business Process Management and Lean Six Sigma professionals.

Rick Haynes’ Lean Six Sigma Practitioner’s Toolbox Blog

business management system resources Lean Six Sigma BlogRick’s topics focus on the subjects that Lean Six Sigma belts would be interested in reading. The blog is a mix of student questions with clear answers, discussions of Lean Six Sigma tools and information on their use, Minitab usage topics, statistical and analysis topics in the news, and much more. This is a blog that will keep your mind engaged with the Lean Six Sigma topics even if you are no longer working in the business improvement field. It is available to be read one post at a time or as a RSS feed that will provide you a message with each posting.

Forrest’s Favorites

business management system resources Forrest blogForrest Breyfogle has compiled a list of his writings and videos that are used quite often to describe or document popular topics and tools. These articles and videos are available without logging in to the online resource library. The topics describe an enhanced business management system and effective metric reporting.

Enhanced Traditional Scorecard/Dashboard Reporting Examples

business management system resources, scorecard and dashboard examplesSee real-to-life examples of traditional scorecards/dashboards, which only examine the past. Compare these traditional report-outs to predictive, future-telling measurements which have been created using the same data. These examples cover multiple businesses in various industries and after the conversion, show what actions or non-actions should be taken in the organization.

Smarter Solutions’ e-News

The e-News goes out monthly to subscribers and offers the latest resources published by Forrest Breyfogle, Rick Haynes, and the Smarter Solutions team. Special presentations and announcements are also released through the newsletter.


General Business Management System Resources

Glossary of terms

We have provided an easy method for you to refresh yourself with the language of business process improvement and the Integrated Enterprise Excellence system.

Recommended Reading List

We polled all of our employees on which books that they thought were beneficial to them in their careers. The books are all listed along with a short message about their content or benefit.

Recommended Software

We polled all of our employees on which off-the-shelf software that they have used in their careers. Each package has a short description about how it was used.


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