Implementing an Enhanced Business Management System, Steps 7 – 9

The described implementing an enhanced business management system steps 7 – 9 are the final portion of the Integrated Enterprise Excellence 9-step business management system roadmap.


implementing an enhanced business management system steps 7 - 9


To execute an improvement project, various improvement techniques can be used to achieve process improvement goals, including:

  • Lean Six Sigma – to address common-cause or chronic problems
  • Root cause analysis – when a clear special cause exists
  • Plan, do, check, act (PDCA) – when targeting a series of small potential incremental improvements
  • Just do it – for obvious changes

For the defective rate improvement projects, which have common-cause issues, the team chose to follow the Lean Six Sigma DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) roadmap, which is illustrated in Figure 1.  Application of this book-described roadmap incorporates a structured application integration of Lean and Six Sigma tools.


implementing an enhanced business management system steps 7 - 9 (improvement project)

Figure 1
DMAIC Lean Six Sigma IEE Project Execution Roadmap


Steps 8 and 9: Assess Project’s Completion Impact on Enterprise Goals, and Maintain the Gain

For the example manufacturing company, success was seen with an improved level of performance measured at the project’s 30,000-foot-level metric. If the magnitude of this shift had not achieved the goal, additional work and/or analysis would have been needed.

In general, this assessment should also evaluate whether any additional costs and effort are appropriate from the enterprise point of view. The process improvements and their controls need to be integrated with the organization’s value chain system (Step 2 of the business management system in Figure 1).

Step 9 of the business management system loops back to Step 4, as noted in Figure 2, for additional analysis and improvement efforts.


IEE Business Management System Enterprise PDCA Cycle

Figure 2
IEE Business Management System Enterprise PDCA Cycle


Summary of 9-step Business Management System

Practitioners of process improvement strive to determine what can be done to improve areas of the business which  they have been assigned to investigate; however, often these efforts take place in silos where such improvements are not felt by executives who are examining the enterprise as a whole. Further, the management of an organization is not typically viewed as a process with its associated improvement opportunities.

These nine steps provide a systematic approach to improving the enterprise system as a whole and how it is managed.

Item number four of the following was just addressed relative to describing the application of a business improvement program. Other aspects that need consideration for this objective are items one through three:

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