Business Process Management System Enhancement

Enhancements to a traditional business process management system is available through the Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) business management system.


Business Process Management System Enhancement

The described BPM Business process management enhancements methodologies include the integration of processes with predictive performance metrics and their improvements. These techniques help organizations reduce firefighting and improve the effective utilization of their resources.  The described approaches provide a methodology to address business process management solutions or BPM solutions that corporations seek.


Business Process Management

Business process management (BPM) aligns organizational business processes to client’s wants and needs. BPM improves processes continually relative to effectiveness and efficiency through flexibility, innovation, and integration with technology.

The business process management solutions or BPM solutions approach foundation is similar in some aspects to Total Quality Management and other Continuous Process Improvement methodologies such as Lean Six Sigma; however, BPM also has an integration with technology and  includes corporate management through a business processes component.

The BPM solutions or business process management solutions offers automation of business processes through software and can enable businesses to respond to changing consumer, market, and regulatory demands faster than competitors. Business Process Management Notation (BPMN) facilitates communication between IT and the lines of business for automation.


BPM Business Process Management Enhancements

Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) provides a business process management solutions roadmap for integrating BPM Business Process Management enhancements techniques with predictive scorecards. This BPM Business Process Management Enhancements system is shown in Figure 1, where step 2 describes an IEE value chain (See Figure 2), which provides linkage of process steps (rectangular boxes) to predictive scorecards (oblong boxes).  The rectangular boxes in Figure 2 can be drill down to detailed BPM processes.


business process management system -- IEE 9-steps

Figure 1

Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) Business Management System with Value Chain Step Highlighted


business process management system through IEE Value Chain

Figure 2

IEE Value chain, where rectangular boxes can be linked to detailed BPM procedures


BPM Business Process Management Enhancements: Additional Information and Implementation


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