Enhanced Business Management System Video: Integrated Enterprise Excellence

This business management system video describes the Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) enhanced business management system and its benefits.

The IEE system provides leadership a business management system structure for navigating an organization through its business hazards while at the same time providing direction for achieving the best financial success with the least amount of effort.

This provided system is not unlike a professional golfer navigating a golf ball in a fairway:


business management system video describes how to navigate a business



An IEE system provides Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reporting that navigates by “looking out the windshield” (i.e., the future through 30,000-foot-level reporting) and not navigating by looking only at the rear view mirror (i.e., historical table of numbers, etc.).  Driving a car can be hazardous if only rear-view-driving were executed.  Similarly table of numbers and red-yellow-green scorecards management provide no futuristic statement.

One needs to highlight that if one does not like a futuristic view, an adjustment needs to be made by applying the brake or turning the steering wheel in an automobile (i.e., in business, this would be creation of an improvement project).



business management system video and predictive metrics
Predictive key performance indicators examples, making decisions by looking out the windshield of an automobile


Enhanced Business Management System Video: Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE)

The Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) system has a project execution roadmap that truly integrates Lean and Six Sigma tools. In addition, the IEE system provides an enterprise roadmap that helps organizations not only to select better projects but also provides a no-nonsense integrated value chain measurement and analysis system that helps orchestrate day-to-day work activities and target system process improvement efforts.

The 9-steps of the IEE system provide a long-lasting business framework for healthy policy creation that truly integrates scorecards, strategic planning, business improvement, and control so the organization as a whole benefits. These 9-steps, as discussed in the video below, are described in more detail on pages 49-50 of The Integrated Enterprise Excellence System.


business management system video

For more detailed information on how the IEE system work, read the article Creation of Effective Organizational Predictive Metrics.


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