Why Integrated Enterprise Excellence Business Management System: Description and Video

One might ask the question: Why Integrated Enterprise Excellence Business Management System would be beneficial to my organization?

Why Integrated Enterprise Excellence Business Management System: Description

Many organizations use one or more of the following listed common-place business policies, which can result in very detrimental behaviors.

  • Red-yellow-green scorecards can lead to resource draining fire fighting, where problem-identified resolutions are often not long-lasting.
  • Variance to metric goals can lead to playing games with the numbers and unhealthy behaviors.
  • Lean and Six Sigma projects can lead to reported silo process improvement benefits, which do not positively impact the big picture; e.g., we saved 100 million dollars but nobody can find the money.
  • The balanced scorecard alignment of metrics to strategies can lead to very subjective and unstable metrics that are a function of leadership and economic-environmental changes.
  • Traditional metric reporting such as a table of numbers, stacked bar charts, and pie charts are not predictive and have a similar decision-making view as to driving a car by only looking at the rear view mirror; i.e., an unhealthy behavior.
  • Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) and other organizational controls are expensive and often do not prevent significant problems from occurring in the future.

Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) is a corporate performance management (CPM) system that Chief Performance Officers and others can use to address these elephant-in-the-room issues.

IEE is a nine-step business management system:

why integrated enterprise excellence business management 9-step system


The Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) business governance management system addresses these issues by providing the framework for healthy policy creation/execution and a no-nonsense integration of scorecards, strategic planning, business improvement, and control. Leadership can use IEE to orchestrate organizations toward achievement of the three Rs of business; i.e., everyone doing the Right things, doing them Right, at the Right time.


Why Integrated Enterprise Excellence Business Management System: Video

Hear what CEO Forrest Breyfogle has to say about why your organization could benefit from the Integrated Enterprise Excellence system.



Now you know why IEE is needed, but you can also hear how IEE works.


Contact Us to set up a time to discuss with Forrest Breyfogle how your organization might gain much from an Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) Business Process Management System.

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