Enhanced Design For Six Sigma Model

Organizations benefit when Design for Six Sigma model techniques are integrated with an overall business management system that offers predictive scorecards that have alignment with the processes that created them.  Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) provides a means to accomplish this objective.

Traditional Design for Six Sigma Model (DFSS Methodology)

A Design for Six Sigma model can be used to design a process or for product design.  One roadmap for DFSS execution is DMADV (Design-Measure-Analyze-Design-Verify).  Many of the tools of Lean Six Sigma are applicable within the DMADV process but in different sequence.

DFSS as a design approach attempts to avoid future process problems by using Voice of the Customer techniques and proper systems engineering techniques. DFSS is largely a design activity requiring specialized tools including: quality function deployment (QFD), axiomatic design, TRIZ, Design for X, Design of Experiments (DOE), and tolerance design. While these tools are sometimes used in the classic DMAIC Six Sigma process, they are uniquely used by DFSS to analyze new approaches.


Design For Six Sigma Model Enhancements

For DFSS to be successful, it needs to be integrated within an overall business management system.  Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) provides a system for this integration, as shown in Figure 1.



design for six sigma model iee enhancements

Figure 1
DFSS Integrated in the Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) Business Management System



DFSS Design for Six Sigma Enhancements Workshop

This one-week workshop will follow the DMADV roadmap for the execution of DFSS.  As a prerequisite, attendees are to be knowledgeable in the basic execution of Lean and Six Sigma tools.

Learning Objectives

  • Integrate DFSS concepts in current development process.
  • Obtain and apply voice of the customer (VOC) inputs when developing products or processes.
  • Quantify and improve the current development process performance relative to quality, cost, and time.
  • Reduce development lead time through the reduction of waste.
  • Reduce the number of product/process design problems.
  • Use analytics and experimentation to develop robust and reliable designs.
  • Evaluate designs relative to performance objectives.
  • Reduce the number of issues discovered after the handoff from development to operations.
  • Execute DMADV roadmap for DFSS.


  • Define: Creating project definition and work plan.  Applying QFD and obtaining voice of the customer (VOC).
  • Measure: Defining product/process design metrics relative to quality, cost, and time. Establishing targets for DFSS undertaking. Conduct measurement systems analysis (MSA) and document current development process with toll gates using a value stream map.
  • Analyze:  Converting customer and business needs into specific design guidelines.  This includes applying the Pugh matrix, axiomatic design techniques, TRIZ, DFMEA, and Monte Carlo Simulation in the design process.
  • Design: Creating a product/process design that meets the design requirements and the customer needs.  This involves applying DOE techniques for product optimization, poke-yoke for mistake proofing, and concurrent engineering of the design process.
  • Verify: Applying pilot testing and other efforts to ensure that the designed product/process will be acceptable in the customer’s environment and scale up.  This phase also includes methods to monitor the design performance, allowing for future optimization and improvement.


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