Executive Consulting Coaching Business: Implementing Enhanced Business Management System

This consulting coaching business provides, among other things, the details of implementing the Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) enhanced business management system.

Executive Consulting Coaching Business: Implementing an Enhanced Business Management System

In business, organizational silos can lead to much inefficiency and expense!  Leaders needs a system that breaks down organizational barriers and leads towards achievement of the 3 Rs of business; i.e., everyone dong the Right things and doing them Right at the Right time:



consulting coaching business to break down organizational silos



Business leaders need a system for determining how to fit all the organizational puzzle pieces together:



Coaching and Consulting where IEE puts the puzzle pieces together



Business leaders, among other things, can break down organizational silos and put its pieces together.  This objective can be accomplished through the IEE enhanced business management system.

IEE addresses the business scorecard and improvement issues that are described in a 1-minute video:



IEE Coaching and Consulting video



Executive Consulting Coaching Business: Top-Down Introduction of the IEE concepts

Some companies do not want to evaluate the entire IEE business system within their organization. They know that one or two of the IEE concepts would be a valuable addition to their business, but not everything. The best method to introduce a partial IEE concept deployment is to start at the top and then deploy the chosen concepts throughout the business.

The typical actions involved in this scenario involve the following activities.

  1. Quick Executive training sessions to introduce the specific chosen concepts and expectations.
  2. Training of the staff to support the chosen concepts.
  3. Short term executive coaching to support a full understanding of the concept and to provide leadership guidance to the organization.

Depending on how much of the IEE business system is adopted, additional training of a support staff is required to manage and further develop the system. This training is provided through either the Lean Six Sigma practitioner training courses or with shorter targeted courses.

This IEE introduction method is customized to the needs of a business. At any time, a business can choose to adopt additional IEE concepts or they can just keep what they have.

Smarter Solution’s intent is to use the training and coaching to provide the organization all of the tools, training, and resources to continue the adoption of the IEE concepts using only internal resources. A company is not required to sign a long term consulting contract to ensure future success. Most efforts only require an infrequent training of people as the IEE support staff are replaced or promoted.


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