Strategic Planning and Execution in an IEE System

Conducting a strategic planning and execution process that results in timely-completed efforts that enhance the business is important.  However, a traditional strategic planning process often does not meet this expectation.

Strategic planning should not be an intuitive exercise but should instead target the specific gaps revealed after the business is analytically/innovatively assessed and understood; e.g., step five of the 9-step Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) business management system.

strategic planning and execution is step 5 in the 9-step IEE system

Strategic Planning and Execution in Step 5, not Step 1

In organizations, strategic planning is often step 1 in their business management system. What can be stated about the Integrated Enterprise Excellence 9-step system, where strategic planning is step 5, not step 1?

  • IEE provides a stable front-end business framework for an organization to move toward having a long-lasting system, which provides fundamental consistency through leadership changes, re-organizations, acquisitions, and economic conditions.
  • IEE offers a methodology where improvement efforts using tools such as Six Sigma and Lean can be orchestrated so that the enterprise as a whole benefits from these process enhancement efforts.

The first two steps of this 9-step enhanced business-management-governance system describe a starting-business-system framework that offers long-lasting business consistency for large and small businesses, governments, and non-profits.

In step 1 of this business-governance system, everything aligns with the organization’s vision and mission. Execution of this step in the overall business process describes who we are and where our efforts will be focusing.

Step 2 describes what we fundamentally do as a business and how we will measure the business functions. This is accomplished through the IEE value chain, which describes what the organization does and how these functions will be measured over time relative to quality, cost, and time.

Creating Targeted Strategic Planning Statements

Steps 3-4 lead to analytically/innovatively-targeted strategies, which are created in the analysis phase 9-step IEE system so that the business as a whole benefits. Value chain enterprise performance improvement measurement needs, which are aligned to strategies, bring about a performance measurement improvement need pull-for-project creation. With this enterprise analytically-determined-project system, using such tools as Theory of Constraints (TOC), the business as a whole benefits from project completion; i.e., avoiding silo executed projects that in isolation look good but don’t benefit the entire business financial picture that benefits the business as a whole.

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