Enhanced Lean Six Sigma Deployment Roadmap

An enhanced lean Six Sigma deployment roadmap is provided in the Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) business management system.  IEE provides the means for benefiting from a lean Six Sigma 2.0 deployment in your organization.


Enhanced Lean Six Sigma Deployment Roadmap

The following described Lean Six Sigma Implementation enhanced approach benefits the enterprise by providing a predictive performance measurement pull for important projects.


Traditional Lean Six Sigma Implementation

Lean Six Sigma implementation typically gives focus to the amount of savings from projects. The organization then reports the amount of savings through the Lean Six Sigma projects to quantify the value of the effort; however, even though finance quantifies the value of the savings, questionable amounts can be reported; e.g., 100 million dollars in savings was reported, but nobody can find the money.

With a traditional Lean Six Sigma deployment, projects are typically selected from a list that management thinks could be beneficial; however, often when these projects are undertaken, the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt or Lean Six Sigma Green Belt practitioner can have difficulty completing the project because the improvement project effort often falls off his/her plate.

What is missing with Lean Six Sigma implementations and other process improvement efforts is that this work is not directly linked to the overall enterprise business system as a whole.


Lean Six Sigma Implementation Enhanced Approach

The Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) system provides a system that structurally links predictive scorecards with analytically/innovatively determined strategy so that Lean Six Sigma process improvement efforts positively impact the enterprise as a whole. With this system operational, 30,000-foot-level metrics that are in the organization’s value chain have owners. If their metric was chosen as a strategic metric that needed improvement, then they would be requiring timely completion of projects in their areas since they knew that, in order for their metric to improve, they would need to change their process; i.e., process improvement work that is to improve the processes will not fall off practitioner’s plates.

An IEE implementation approach addresses the business scorecard and improvement issues that are described in a one-minute video:


lean six sigma deployment roadmap video


Additional Information about Lean Six Sigma Implementation Enhanced Approach

For additional information about Lean Six Sigma Implementation enhanced approach with Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) see:


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