Enhanced Organization Baldrige Excellence Framework

This enhanced Malcolm Baldrige Excellence Framework provides, among other things, a long-lasting system of predictive performance measures and big picture improvement.

Organization Baldrige Excellence Framework for Malcolm Baldrige Award Achievement

Achievement of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award provides recognition for performance excellence in the business, health care, education, and nonprofit sectors for performance excellence. The Baldrige Award, which was established in 1987, provides U.S. organizations recognition. The award  is presented by the President of the United States. Up to 18 awards may be given annually across six eligible categories: manufacturing, service, small business, education, health care, and nonprofit.

Organizations that receive a Baldrige Award must have a role-model organizational management system that ensures continuous improvement in:

  • Delivery of products and/or services
  • Demonstration of efficient and effective operations
  • Methodology for customers and other stakeholders’ engagement.


Malcolm Baldrige Award Criteria to Address in Organization Baldrige Excellence Framework

The Malcolm Baldrige Award criteria are divided into seven key categories:

  1. Leadership
  2. Strategic Planning
  3. Customer Focus
  4. Measurement, Analysis, and Knowledge Management
  5. Workforce Focus
  6. Process Management
  7. Results

Organizations often use the Baldrige criteria as a self-assessment and then compare their organization’s methods and processes with winners of the Baldrige award. Some states offer quality award programs based on the Baldrige criteria. Organizations can begin by participating in state programs, which can be a first step toward winning the Baldrige award.


Malcolm Baldrige Quality Award Achievement

The key categories of the Baldrige award are good; however, it is important to realize that the Baldrige Award is not a prescriptive business management system. The seven categories of the Baldrige award, which provide many good objectives, are still basically a test.

The implication of this is that how an organization chooses to undertake achievement of the seven key categories is up to each individual company and organization that wants to use the criteria.  Also, the Baldrige award has received some negative publicity in that some past Baldrige Award winners were not able to sustain satisfactory performance in later years.

What is needed is a generic long-lasting business management system that organizations can follow, which inherently addresses the seven Baldrige categories.  The Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) business management system provides the infrastructure for organizations to follow when addressing the seven criteria of the Baldrige Award. IEE provides a system for structurally integrating predictive scorecards, analytical/innovative strategies, and improvement efforts that benefit the enterprise as a whole.

IEE addresses the business scorecard and process improvement issues that are typically encountered in business, as described in a 1-minute video:



Baldrige Excellence Framework Achievement Video



Additional Information about “Malcolm Baldrige Quality Award Achievement” System

Additional information about the IEE Malcolm Baldrige Quality Award Achievement roadmap is available through:


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