Enhanced Organizational Design Model

The described enhanced organizational design model with its predictive scorecards provides a framework that benefits the management of processes so that the enterprise as a whole benefits.

Organization Design Model or Organization Architecture Objectives

An organization design model or organization architecture is to offer a framework through which an organization aims to realize its primary vision-mission qualities.  Organization design provides the infrastructure for which an organization can orchestrate its business processes and ensures that its core qualities are realized within the services and products that it provides to clients.

Organizational architecture or organization design provides creation of:

  • Processes
  • Roles
  • Formal reporting

Organization design involves the process of reshaping organization structure and roles, which provide alignment to the following so that the enterprise as a whole benefits:

  • Structure
  • Process
  • Rewards
  • Metrics
  • Talent

This perspective on organizational architecture is elaborated in organizational space.


A System for Organizational Design Creation

Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) provides a long-lasting structure for implementing and the objectives of Organizational Design Model Creation. IEE is a long-lasting, sustainable business management governance system that can maintain its basic structure through leadership and changes in the economy.

An IEE system can help organizations move toward the three Rs of business (everyone is doing the Right things and doing them Right at the Right time). IEE provides the framework for innovation and continual improvement.

IEE integrates organizational:

  • Business scorecards
  • Strategies
  • Process improvement

As a business way of life, IEE provides the organization excellence orchestration to achieve more customers and cash; i.e., E=MC2.

IEE addresses the organizational design model issues that are often prevent in an organization, as described in a 1-minute video:


organizational design model video


Organizational Design Model Enhanced Technique

For additional information about Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) as a system for implementing organizational design see:


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