What is Six Sigma and how can it be enhanced?

What is Six Sigma and how it can be enhanced is a question that should be asked by organizations when undertaking a continuous improvement system.

Six Sigma and its Purpose

Six Sigma (SS) is a performance statistical measure or product or process performance that has opportunities for business management enhancements. Six Sigma is also a system for creating and executing process improvement projects that involve statistical and non-statistical tools.

Motorola originated 6 Sigma in the 1980’s. GE under the leadership of Jack Welch began SS in 1995.

6 Sigma improvement efforts address the following:

  • Customer satisfaction improvement
  • Reducing defects
  • Reducing cycle times lead times
  • Reducing variation
  • Integrated quality improvement tool usage
  • Improved end-to-end management of processes
  • Enhanced process measurements and analysis
  • Striving for near quality perfections; e.g., 6 Sigma Quality equates to 3.4 defects per million opportunities
  • Process improvement roadmap DMAIC (Define-measure-analyze-improve-control)
  • Design of Six Sigma roadmap DMADV (Define-Measure-Analyze-Design-Verify)
  • Process improvement efforts are executed by Six Sigma Black Belts and Green Belts, who are trained in the execution of the DMAIC roadmap
  • Process improvement projects are to have finance-verified quantifiable benefits

How can 6 Sigma be enhanced?

Organizations often have difficulty sustaining a SS deployment. Major reasons for this are:

  • Process improvement efforts are not truly integrated within the overall business management system.
  • Improvement projects are often selected from a list of opportunities that were not determined analytically by evaluating the business as a whole to determine where improvement efforts should focus.

Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) is a business management system that addresses these issues.

The 9-step IEE system is:


what is six sigma in an IEE system


Lean Six Sigma provides a detailed improvement project execution roadmap that is documented in two Integrated Enterprise books:


IEE project roadmap book


six sigma and improvement project execution book


IEE addresses breaks down silo improvement project efforts that often occur in process improvement programs, where this process enhancement work does not benefit the business as a whole:



IEE addresses the business scorecard and process improvement issues described in a one-minute video:


Enterprise performance management reporting software: deliver on your core values


More Information on 6 Sigma and how it can be Enhanced

For additional information about six sigma and how it can be enhanced see:


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