Executive Coaching and Leadership

Smarter Solutions executive coaching and leadership helps organizations move to the next level. Smarter Solutions is based in Austin, Texas; however, provides leadership coaching throughout the world.

executive coaching and leadership in Austin Texas and globally

Many executives, even CEOs, know what they want their organization to accomplish but are not sure about what they can do to drive the right behavior. This is especially true when the activities are new to the organization and to the executive. We only know what we know, and our organizational performance is limited by this knowledge.


Executive Coaching and Leadership: An Enhanced Business Management System that Leads to the Most Beneficial Behaviors

Driving the organization in a new direction is not as simple as setting a new goal, although many executives try it. Setting a quality goal or a revenue goal and then letting the “Team” figure out how to get it done is not a recipe for success. True success is not found by setting goals alone. Your organization needs leadership and coaching to succeed, but how can executives gain the skills to lead and coach when they are not experts? This is where the executive coaching comes into play.

As an executive or C-level manager, you are expected to lead the organization. This is accomplished when the executive understands the performance measures, begins to ask the right questions, recognizes when he/she not getting the entire story, and coaches others to do it right.

Our executive coaching involves one-on-one discussions with a mentor who will guide the leader through an understanding of business process performance management. Coaching is the quickest way to gain experience without spending the time to learn it by yourself. The coaching is performed in private so that the executive will be prepared for public staff meetings and status meetings.

  • Know what questions to ask!
  • Recognize when you are not hearing the whole story!
  • Guide your staff to the right tools and conclusions!
  • Provide evidence based decisions!
  • Set strategies based on known performance issues!

These services are provided with a mix of on-site and remote discussions that are specific to your needs and learning. Time is one resource we never get back. Executive coaching is the most efficient method to gain competencies that take years to learn on the job. Leverage the 30+ years of performance management experience of Forrest Breyfogle and Smarter Solutions and his organization to improve your ability to lead your organization.

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