Performance Improvement Consulting that Provides Improvements to Predictive Scorecards

Smarter Solutions provides performance improvement consulting via implementation of a next generation business management system.  Through an Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) business consulting discussion and problem-solving implementation methodology, organizations benefit from the wise usage of predictive scorecards, integration of analytics and innovation for strategy creation, and process improvement efforts so that the business as a whole benefits.

Performance Improvement Consulting that Provides Enhancements to Predictive Scorecards

Example Business System and Problem-Solving Consulting opportunities are:

  • ISO 9001
  • Reduction of defects in a complex process
  • Process simulation and modeling
  • Complex data analysis
  • Reduction of development lead time with a reduction of design issues
  • Wise application of Design of Experiments (DOE) to improve an established process, supplier qualification, new-product development optimization, improving the effectiveness while reducing the effort to test new product designs, reduce hand-off issues between development and manufacturing
  • Reduction of process-execution waste
  • Scorecard creation with predictive metrics
  • Strategic planning that truly blends analytics with innovation
  • Enhancement of improvement and development project creation and execution
  • Utilization of pass/fail functional testing for efficient and effective combinational factor-level assessments
  • Statistical reviews of documents and analysis

Smarter Solutions® business consulting references and utilizes the enhanced methodologies and roadmaps described in our books. This approach increases the effectiveness of the work in helping organizations achieve long-lasting enhancements.

performance improvement consulting using our IEE books

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