ISO Consulting and Training

Our ISO consulting and training services helps with the implementation of an effective quality management systems and achieve certification.

ISO 9001 is an industry standard that provides a framework for establishing an effective quality management system (QMS). The standard defines the requirements for the QMS and establishes a process-based model for continual improvement. Since ISO 9001 is a generic standard, it is applicable to any organization regardless of the industry, product, service and size.

Smarter Solutions’ consultants are dedicated to helping you understand and implement the requirements of ISO 9001. Whether you need help with your existing ISO 9001 program or are starting new, our experts tailor solutions to your specific needs. Services for our customers range from a complete turn-key implementation to being a coach and resource to new and  established quality leadership. Our focus is help create a system that

  1. Meets the requirement of ISO 9001
  2. Is sustainable by your team
  3. Helps establish a culture of continual quality improvement

Smarter Solutions is based in Austin, Texas; however, work with companies globally.

QMS Auditing

  • Initial ISO 9001 Gap Analysis
  • Internal Quality Audits
  • Supplier Approval Audits
  • Documentation Audits

QMS Consulting

  • Online Documentation & Tools
  • Quality Objectives & Goals
  • Documentation
  • Forms & Records
  • Supplier Management
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Calibration & Maintenance
  • Process Mapping & Flowcharting
  • Management Review Preparation & Facilitation
  • CAPA & Root Cause Analysis
  • Employee Training Programs
  • Registration/Surveillance Audit Support

QMS Training and Coaching

  • ISO 9001 Overview (1 hour)
  • Introduction to ISO 9001 for Employees (4 hours)
  • Internal Quality Auditor Training (3 days)
  • Registration Audit Prep & How to Be Audited (1 day)
  • Root Cause Analysis & Corrective Action (1 day)
  • QMS Management Representative Coaching (As Arranged)

ISO Consulting and Training: Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) Business Management System

Smarter Solutions’ offers the Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) business management system as an enhanced approach for addressing QMS needs.

IEE addresses the business scorecard and improvement issues described in a 1-minute video:


ISO consulting and training video


Smarter Solutions’ ISO 9001 programs work in conjunction with our IEE and Lean Six Sigma implementations.


Contact Us to set up a time to discuss with Forrest Breyfogle how your organization might gain much from an Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) Business Process Management System and/or ISO Consulting and Training.