Consulting and Coaching Services for Business

Organizations gain much when they use Smarter Solutions consulting and coaching services for their business. Smarter Solutions offers assistance in both improving specific processes and the implementation of an enhanced business process management (BPM) methodology. Smarter Solutions is based in Austin, Texas, but provides consulting and coaching services throughout the world.

consulting and coaching services for business by Smarter Solutions


Smarter Solutions’ Offerings for Consulting and Coaching Services for Business

Smarter Solutions offers consulting and coaching for:

  • Specific process improvement efforts involving execution of tools and methodologies; e.g., lean Six Sigma tools
  • Business management system creation and/or their enhancement; e.g., Business Process Management (BPM) implementation with predictive scorecards that are automatically updated

Business Process Improvement Consulting and Coaching

Business leadership and practitioners benefit much when they utilize the services of Smarter Solutions’ for solving tough problems and efficiently/effectively executing process improvement/design projects involving enhanced techniques.

Example Smarter Solutions® Practitioner Coaching opportunities are:

  • Usage of tools in an enhanced project-execution roadmap for efficient and effective execution of projects where Lean and Six Sigma tools are truly integrated
  • Creation of project and scorecard metrics that are predictable
  • Efficient and effective execution for the setting up and analysis of enhanced Design of Experiments (DOE) techniques
  • Creating value stream maps that are organizational beneficial
  • Six Sigma metrics issues and their enhancements

In a typical coaching session, references are often made to sections and roadmaps in our books. This approach increases the effectiveness of the session and helps practitioners enhance their effective use and linkage of tools.

Business Management System Consulting and Coaching

The services of Smarter Solutions’ can also be utilized to facilitate the creation of the enhanced business management system through Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE), which addresses the issues described in the one-minute video:

consulting and coaching services for business for kpi reporting improvements


How can Consulting and Coaching be conducted?

Coaching and consulting with Forrest Breyfogle and/or his team can be accomplished through:

  • Remote discussions
  • On-site visits

Corporate retainer coaching is also available.

Contact Us to learn more about practitioner coaching.