Smarter Solutions Offerings: Organizational Benefits from Working with Smarter Solutions

As our company name, Smarter Solutions, implies, we help organizations “do things smarter.”

Since 1992, our consulting and training are helping organizations do one or more of the following:

  1. Build a targeted strategy that has whole-enterprise benefits and gets executed.
  2. Identify corporate risks so that timely actions occur to avoid “bad things from happening.”
  3. Build a control system that identifies issues so appropriate resolution-actions are timely undertaken.
  4. Execute process improvement and Lean Six Sigma efforts so that there is a demonstrated enterprise-as-a-whole benefit and an enhancement in KPIs performance.
  5. Reduce organizational lead times.
  6. Reduce corporate non-conformance rates.
  7. Enhance Voice of the Customer (VOC) feedback so that changes occur, which improves customer satisfaction, retention, and loyalty.
  8. Improve supply chain on-time deliveries and reduce non-conformance rates.
  9. Execute effective Design of Experiments (DOE) with tangible benefits in manufacturing, transactional processes, and development.
  10. Use and benefit from business analytics, so there are quantifiable enterprise benefits.
  11. Improve organizational scorecard reporting, e.g., red-yellow-green scorecards and table-of-numbers reports.
  12. Address common-place organizational firefighting “problems of the day” so that these issues do not reoccur.
  13. Use company resources more efficiently and effectively.
  14. Effectively execute Lean kaizen events to improve a performance metric important to the business.
  15. Effectively use Theory of Constraints (TOC) methods to identify constraints and take appropriate bottleneck issue actions so the enterprise benefits.
  16. Create a predictive scorecard system where an undesirable predictive statement “pulls” for the creation of a process-improvement project.
  17. Create a Quality Management System.
  18. Create an Operational Excellence System.
  19. Create a metric reporting system that separates process response noise from unusual events so that appropriate actions or no actions occur because of the metrics’ performance.
  20. Implement a metrics reporting system that shows statistically when a performance metric performance either improved or degraded because the process changed, so that appropriate actions or no actions occur.
  21. Create a system that provides organizational process performance metric reporting and documentation to all authorized 24×7.
  22. Create business management and improvement system consistent with the teachings/objectives of Edwards Deming, Peter Senge, Malcolm Baldrige Award, and ISO-9001.
  23. Benefit from a business management system that moves organizations toward achieving the 3 Rs of business (i.e., everyone doing the Right things, and doing them Right, at the Right time).
  24. Do more with less.