These business management and quality/lean improvement articles (magazine) were written by Forrest Breyfogle and/or an associate/affiliation of Smarter Solutions, Inc.  The provided papers have been published in magazines such as American Management Association MWorld, Quality Progress, Quality Magazine, Six Sigma Forum Magazine, Supply & Demand Chain Executive, Quality Management Forum, ASQ Statistics Division Newsletter, and ASQ Lean Division Newsletter. Topics include: Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE), 30,000-foot-level predictive metrics, lean Six Sigma, Business Process Management (BPM), Business Management System, Statistical Process Control (SPC) charting issues and resolution, enhanced business scorecards, and creating process improvement efforts so that the big picture benefits.

Risk Management Process Example for Business

A risk management process example for business is described in the published article titled ″High Vantage Point: Report-outs to reduce the Risk of Organizational Problems″ written by Forrest Breyfogle. A PDF of this article below describes how an organization typically views its safety and other infrequent occurring events as lagging indicators. With this traditional risk management …

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How to Report Performance Measures with Analyses, a Diabetes Illustration

ASQ Quality Progress January 2017 published article titled “Monitor and Manage: Diabetes measurement tracking at the 30,000-foot-level.” Described is an Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) approach for diabetes measurement tracking and understanding improvement opportunities. Techniques apply to business key performance indicators (KPIs) as well; e.g., in an operational excellence business management system.

Book Review of Lean Six Sigma Body of Knowledge Textbook

Editor of the Quality Management Forum, Robert Spencer, presents a detailed review of Integrated Enterprise Excellence Volume III: Improvement Project Execution by Forrest Breyfogle. “Lean Six Sigma practitioners will find this volume indispensable as a reference for enterprise-DMAIC and process-DMAIC roadmaps. Managers will appreciate the visual management perspective in presenting analysis results,” testifies Spencer in this book review. Download to read more.

Lean Six Sigma Solutions Book Review

In this lean Six Sigma solutions book review it is stated: ″Forrest Breyfogle’s Solutions Manual is a study guide that demonstrates application of statistical analysis skills using realistic business problems, related business performance data sets, and detailed project execution roadmaps.” In addition, Spencer states in this published review: “Also included is the rationale for considering …

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Business Process Management Organizational Structure Example

An enhanced business process management organizational structure example is described in the linked-to article below, which was written by Forrest Breyfogle.  This writing uses a departmental  key performance indicator (KPI) metric-reporting situation to describe how to create beneficial predictive performance measurements in a function within an organization. This Metrology department KPI reporting for calibration illustration shows how …

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