Smarter Solutions, Inc. provides in these articles (white paper) how-to details that can have significant benefit to both organizational leadership and practitioners. Described (among other things) is the Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) business management and improvement system which goes beyond Lean Six Sigma and the Balanced Scorecard. IEE provides a means to integrated predictive scorecards with the processes that created them. From IEE, organizations can determine where to focus improvement efforts so that the business as a whole benefits.

Next Generation Business Process Management a Paradigm Shift

A next generation business process management a paradigm shift system is needed for businesses to thrive and be competitive in the future.  Current systems often lead to firefighting problems that continually reoccur or play games with the numbers to make things look better than they are. This next-generation system needs to incorporate automation of processes …

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Lean Six Sigma Deployment Strategy

  Structured steps for a Lean Six Sigma deployment strategy are provided in the below “Steps for Lean Six Sigma Success” PDF written by Forrest Breyfogle. With the described deployment strategy, focus is given to the avoidance of silo projects that may initially look good but do not provide much (if any) organization-as-a-whole benefit.  The described …

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What are Effective Management System Characteristics?

Learn the benefits of a process driven organization. Unhealthy and possibly destructive behaviors emerge when management creates goals and objectives by which to measure the success of the workforce. This management methodology is likened to the risks of gambling. Truly great leaders aren’t just rolling the dice. This whitepaper can start guiding management away from dicey systems to creating a stable, more enjoyable organization.

Effective Business Process Management Software Development

“Starbucks introduced Lean concepts to their stores in 2009… The result is that there was more same store revenue with less operating costs. Target was losing ground to competitors in sales. They tested new upscale products with a focus on colors rather than low cost. It worked so it was spread to all stores. Now they are a leader and sales are up.” Want to make sure your Business Process Management (BPM) deployment runs successfully like Starbucks and Target? Download this whitepaper to learn BPM deployment risks to avoid!

Business Performance Reporting Examples: 30,000-Foot-Level Report Enhancements

Predictive measurement statements can be created using the methodologies described in 30,000-foot-level Reports with Predictive Measurements. This article discusses how organizations can benefit from this enhanced measurement technique. With this understanding, businesses, non-profits, and governmental organizations can make improvements that positively impact the enterprise as a whole.

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