Topics in these recorded webinars include: Business Process Management (BPM); TD Bank End-to-End Process Management; Operational Excellence Lean Six Sigma 2.0; Free Lean Six Sigma 2.0 Training Guide; Lean Six Sigma Training & Benefits; Lean Six Sigma Black Belt student stories; Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt student stories; BPMN; Deming Philosophy Benefit.

Deming Quality Management Greatest Contributions: A Summary, Webinar and How to Implement

World-acclaimed quality guru, W.Edwards Deming wrote about, spoke about and implemented organizational change and continuous improvement through strategic quality management practices. He called his this, as he titled his book, Out of the Crisis. His successful theories are studied across the globe from Japan to the U.S. What is the biggest lesson from Mr. Deming? Robert Spencer, ASQ’s Quality Management Forum Editor, has been personally trained by Deming. He will present this one-hour webinar on “Deming’s Greatest Contribution to Quality Management.”” Topics covered: – Pursuing quality – Deming’s view of the organization – Deming’s system of profound knowledge – Approach to quality management – Deming’s Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) Cycle – Deming’s 14 points – Deming’s 7 deadly diseases of management – Linkage to Integrated Enterprise Excellence System and Books by Forrest Breyfogle”

Integrated Enterprise Excellence Review by Robert Spencer

Robert Spencer, Editor of ASQ’s Quality Forum Magazine, shares his review of the Integrated Enterprise Excellence Business Management System and Books offered by Smarter Solutions. Spencer, who has an Masters of Science degree in Quality Assurance, has gained experience in business management systems since the 70s covering government, Fortune 500 corporations academia, health care and more.

Boosting Your Career and Company with Lean Six Sigma Training

Lean Six Sigma training teaches: – Leadership – Problem solving – Data analysis – Successful presentations – Data visualization – Process diagramming – Change management – Project management – Financial benefit analysis and more…. Oh yes, you also learn how to improve your business and save them money! These skills are transferable to every business, organization, or process that you will meet in your career. If you are questioning the value of these training courses, you will find that many companies ask their lean six sigma students to commit to an extended employment contract to keep them from leaving for a better job based on their new skills. This video discusses the Lean Six Sigma training options available through Smarter Solutions in a way that you will be figure out if the training is for you and at what level of training would be the best choice. We will discuss both classroom and online training for four levels of Lean Six Sigma training: Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt and Master Black Belt. If these names intrigue you, then check out this recorded webinar.

Enhancing Quality in a Service Organization: Description and Webinar

Quality is a key characteristic of a successful business. But should all businesses define quality in the same way??? The typical definition involves the meeting of a specification, but what if there is no specification? How do you define quality when there are no specifications? This video will make a compelling case that if you adopt a definition of quality that involves the execution of your processes, you will not have a method to measure quality outside of the traditional manufacturing environment. View this recorded webinar and learn how to begin a quality program in your non-manufacturing business!

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