Integrated Enterprise Excellence

The next generation business management system, Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE), integrates predictive scorecards with their processes. IEE provides an enhanced business management system that integrates analytically determined strategies with innovation so that improvement efforts give focus to enhancements so that the enterprise as a whole benefits.

Traditional performance scorecards such as a table of numbers, bar charts, or red-yellow-green scorecards can lead to unhealthy behaviors and/or wasteful firefighting activities. The 9-step IEE system avoids these issues and provides predictive scorecards that can lead to insight to where improvement efforts should give focus so that the enterprise as a whole benefits from process enhancement efforts.

Enterprise Performance Reporting System software (EPRS software) is available which provides automatic reporting of predictive process performance metrics that are linked with their processes.

The 30,000-foot-level predictive performance metric reporting system of IEE can also be used as a methodology to maintain the gain after a process has been enhanced.

9-Step Corporate Management System

An effective corporate management system orchestrates the activities of executives and managers (either remotely or in person) so that the organization moves toward achieving the 3R’s of business; i.e., everyone doing the Right things and doing them Right at the Right time. Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) provides a vehicle for accomplishing this 3R’s of business objective.

Enhanced Corporate Governance System Training: Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE)

″IEE (Integrated Enterprise Excellence) is exciting and EXACTLY what I am looking to further understand″ was feedback from a recent IEE corporate governance system training session. This 1-day training was conducted as a pre-conference workshop at the Institute of Industrial Systems Engineers (IISE) May 2019 annual conference in Orlando, FL.

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