Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Smarter Solutions, Inc. has designed the smartersolutions.com website to bring together an intelligent collection of services and products for business improvement and lean six sigma coaching, consulting, and training, using an easy-to-navigate interface that allows you to view/order services and products with complete confidence. Use of this website implies agreement with the following conditions of use.


All images and product descriptions belong to Smarter Solutions, Inc. or their respective copyright owners. Product descriptions are compiled from manufacturer data and original content, and are believed to accurately represent the items for sale. In the rare event of a materially inaccurate product description, our maximum liability will be a full refund of the item’s purchase price.


We use a highly automated e-commerce engine to bring new products and features to you rapidly, while minimizing the potential for errors. With automation and site expansion, however, comes the minimal risk of incorrect prices temporarily being applied to our products as viewed online. In the unlikely event that a product is associated with an incorrect price, Smarter Solutions, Inc.. reserves the right to cancel an order or perform a billing adjustment after e-mail notification to you. You also will have the right to cancel the order and have the product returned to us at our expense if necessary.


We take great pains to ensure that your information is used for nothing other than conducting such business as you wish to conduct with us. Furthermore, we only transact business with those individuals legally permitted to do so. Any activity on our site by minors requires parent/guardian consent and oversight. It is your obligation to ensure that any account names, passwords, credit card numbers, or other account information remain exclusively for use by you.


Our product review feature enables you to post comments about our products to help other shoppers make a purchase decision. Any information posted must not be illegal, obscene, self-promotional, abusive, or otherwise offensive to third parties. We reserve the right to edit or delete such content. Remember, this is a professional business site!