Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy at Smarter Solutions, Inc. is a simple one. We don’t share or sell any of your information to any other individual or business, ever. Period. and as of today, May 25th, 2018, we are GDPR compliant.

We know that you arrived at with the single-minded purpose of finding innovative business improvement and lean six sigma coaching, consulting, and training services to make life easier and richer for you.

We only collect the information that is absolutely necessary to process your order, receive payment and ensure the delivery of the products you purchased to you. We don’t collect nor keep any sensitive information about you.

If for any reason you would like to request we send you a copy of your information on our system or want it deleted, please send us an email to [email protected] and we’ll do it right away.

We securely transmit only that data about you which is required to ship your items via carrier and bill your credit card for your purchase. Because of privacy concerns, we do not keep credit card information on file. Like most large, respected online retail stores, our website technology utilizes ‘cookies’ to enhance your shopping experience and to continually improve our performance. Absolutely no information about your personal shopping history is ever seen by third parties.

Our newsletter feature for registered customers is completely optional. We will occasionally send e-mails about special deals and promotions to customers who wish to receive them, but will never send promotional e-mail to those who do not.

Smarter Solutions, Inc. respects your privacy and hopes to have you as a customer for many years to come! Simple as that.