Business Process Management Book: Leadership System 2.0

In this business process management book, both practitioners and managers can gain much to help their organization improve its big picture.

This book continues the novel format story initiated in Management 2.0: Discovery of Integrated Enterprise Excellence. 

This Business Process Management (BPM) book (i.e., Leadership System 2.0: Implementing Integrated Enterprise Excellence) provides an easy-to-understand character dialog on how to implement Deming’s management philosophy and deliver a system for managing the needs of ISO 9000, Baldrige award criteria, and Shingo Prize criteria all at one time through the Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) business management system.

Provided in this book are the implementation details for IEE.


business process management book


The 9-step IEE system in this business process management book offers much flexibility, including an effective means to manage an organization remotely. During Jorge′s wife’s City Hospital recovery from an automobile accident, Jorge recollects the benefits achieved from his Harris Hospital’s IEE business management system implementation.

During one of Jorge’s recollections, Janice Davis, Harris Hospital’s CEO, initially stated that her organization had issues with the achievement of all of Ron’s listed Effective Management Attributes (listed below). Janice now says she is amazed at how IEE provides a system-thinking leadership approach for the realization of all these sound business process management qualities:

Effective Management Attributes Listed in Business Process Management Book

 Executive Performance Management Reviews

  • Require minimal preparation resources.
  • Provide productive dialog that results in whole-enterprise benefits.

Decision-making Process

  • Methodology incorporates a blend of analytics and innovative team-thinking.
  • Avoids gut-based


  • Are achieved in a timely fashion.
  • Don’t fall off people’s plates because of day-to-day crises.

Scorecard Reporting

  • Has consistent reporting across the organization.
  • Has clear actions or non-actions to be undertaken from these reports.
  • The methodology encourages fire prevention and risk management.

Organizational Improvement Efforts

  • Give focus to analytically-determined, targeted business areas so that there will be big-picture benefits.


Enterprise Performance Reporting (EPRS) IEE System and Enterprise Improvement Plan (EIP)

An additional recollection by Jorge: Janice also likes how the Enterprise Performance Reporting System (EPRS) IEE-system software provides, among other things, a vehicle for the automatic updating of IEE’s predictive performance metrics, where this measurement reporting has a structured integration with the processes that created them. She also appreciates the IEE’s enterprise improvement plan (EIP) approach for determining and then executing improvement efforts, which enhance operational performance metrics to benefit the organization’s overall finances.


Application of IEE Business Process Management (BPM) System to Virtually all Organizations

Several months after Sandra’s release from the hospital, there is a Chamber of Commerce meeting where several business leaders present their experience with IEE in various industries. After the event, the chamber’s CEO states that she is amazed to see how IEE applies to hospitals and non-profits, schools, a mining company, and government agencies.


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