Business Management System Book: Management 2.0

This business management system book provides a next generation, enhanced methodology in an easy-to-understand novel format.

In addition to the described next-generation business management system (Integrated Enterprise Excellence), this book, Management 2.0: Discovery of Integrated Enterprise Excellence, provides practitioners and managers with many tools and apps.


Business Management System Book: Management 2.0

Book Provided Business Management System Tools

  • A free software app is provided for response-metric tracking that provides insight not possible with traditional metric reporting techniques.
  • A methodology for improvement project selection so that the big-picture will benefit from the project′s completion.
  • A clickable Lean Six Sigma Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control (DMAIC) process-improvement roadmap integrates the application of Lean and Six Sigma tools so that the right tool is used at the right time when undertaking process improvement efforts.
  • A methodology to statistically show and quantify at the 30,000-foot-level the benefit from process improvement efforts.

Resolution to Common Business Management System Issues and Wise Application of Tools

This business management system book provides direction on how organizations can resolve issues that commonly occur with:

  • Traditional control charts and process capability reporting techniques
  • Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) testing and reporting
  • Lean Six Sigma deployments

This book provides direction in how organizations can benefit from the wise application of:

  • Statistical and non-statistical techniques.
  • Design of Experiments (DOE) in both manufacturing and transactional processes.

Book, written as a Novel, Describes Benefits of a Next-generation Business Management System

In this book, Jorge and his golfing MBA buddies discover a no-nonsense methodology that minimizes the risk of organizations’ doing bad things. The described method provides direction for establishments to move toward achieving the 3Rs of business; that is, everyone doing the Right things and doing them Right at the Right time.

This novel describes the application of Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE). The IEE system offers much flexibility, including a means for effectively managing an organization remotely. The book described how Jorge implemented IEE in his Harris Hospital and how his golfing MBA friends applied and benefited from the methodology in their manufacturing and transactional organizations.

IEE Resolution to many Business Management ″Elephant in the Room″ Issues

IEE provides a comprehensive 9-step system that CEOs, presidents, general managers, executives, managers, leaders, practitioners, and others can use to resolve elephant-in-the-room management issues such as:

  • Business goals not being met.
  • Scorecards that lead to harmful, if not destructive, organizational behaviors.
  • Persistent day-to-day firefighting problems.
  • Business strategies are created that are very generic and difficult to translate to organizational work environments.
  • Lean events and other improvement projects can consume many resources but often do not offer a quantifiable benefit to the whole business.
  • Lean Six Sigma process improvement deployments have improvement projects, which are either not completed in a timely fashion or make substantial questionable financial claims that are questionable.

This book offers an easy-to-understand book-character dialog on implementing Deming’s management philosophy and delivering a system for managing the needs of ISO 9000, Baldrige award criteria, and Shingo Prize criteria all at one time through the IEE business management system.

Harris Hospital Book′s Storyline

In the book’s storyline:

  • Janice Davis, CEO of Harris Hospital, likes how IEE provides analytically-determined direction for undertaking process improvement efforts, which improve organizational predictive-reported performance metrics that benefit the organization’s overall financials.
  • Everyone at Harris Hospital cannot believe IEE’s no-charge Enterprise Performance Reporting System (EPRS) metrics software benefits. This software provides predictive performance reporting that offers more insight into what is truly happening within a process than a table of numbers or a red-yellow-green scorecard report.

1.1.6        Follow-up Book

The storyline that is started in Management 2.0: Discovery of Integrated Enterprise Excellence is completed in Leadership System 2.0: Implementing Integrated Enterprise Excellence.


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