Management 2.0 and Leadership System 2.0 books

Business Management System Book: Management 2.0

Book Provided Business Management System Tools

  • A free software app is provided for response-metric tracking that provides insight not possible with traditional metric reporting techniques.
  • A methodology for improvement project selection so that the big-picture will benefit from the project′s completion.
  • A clickable Lean Six Sigma Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control (DMAIC) process-improvement roadmap integrates the application of Lean and Six Sigma tools so that the right tool is used at the right time when undertaking process improvement efforts.
  • A methodology to statistically show and quantify at the 30,000-foot-level the benefit from process improvement efforts.
  • Effective Management Attributes Listed in Business Process Management Book

    The 9-step IEE system in this business process management book offers much flexibility, including an effective means to manage an organization remotely. During Jorge′s wife’s City Hospital recovery from an automobile accident, Jorge recollects the benefits achieved from his Harris Hospital’s IEE business management system implementation.

    During one of Jorge’s recollections, Janice Davis, Harris Hospital’s CEO, initially stated that her organization had issues with the achievement of all of Ron’s listed Effective Management Attributes. Janice now says she is amazed at how IEE provides a system-thinking leadership approach for the realization of all these sound business process management qualities:

    Business Process Management Book: Leadership System 2.0

    Forrest Breyfogle III

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    Effective KPI management of an organization’s Key Performance Indicators is critical; however, there are issues with traditional metric reporting and its accompanying goal-setting practices. KPI metrics reporting is an elephant in the room problem where organizations can waste much time and resources that unnecessarily cost a lot of money and lead to much frustration.

    KPI management should lead to the best actions or non-actions in an organization, but more often than not, this does not occur. This document describes commonplace issues with KPI management practices and how to resolve these issues with an alternative 30,000-foot-level KPI management reporting methodology.