Deming Systems Thinking Software

W Edward Deming Caricature

This “Deming systems thinking software” can benefit organizations with significant financial and customer satisfaction paybacks.

Supplied within an Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) methodology and its software is a means to achieve Deming’s management philosophy (and more). IEE is a Systems thinking technique that orchestrates essential aspects of an organization.

Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) Business Management System Software (Deming system thinking software) provides the vehicle for achieving the following in one System.

• Deming’s management philosophy and Deming’s profound knowledge

• Business Management
• Strategic Planning
• Business Statistics
• KPI and Performance Metrics
• Business Process Management (BPM)
• Business Process Improvement
• Business Analytics
• ISO 9000 Implementation
• Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Implementation Infrastructure
• Lean Six Sigma so that the big-organizational picture benefits from this process improvement methodology
• Operational Excellence
• Process Improvement (so that the organization as whole benefits)
• Process Excellence
• Business Transformation
• Digital Transformation
• Artificial Intelligence (AI) system implementation so the overall financials of a business benefits