30000-foot-level Predictive Metrics

Predictive process response reporting provides enhancements to traditional report-outs. Making comparisons to past responses on an individual point by point basis can lead to taking in appropriate actions that are not beneficial and may be detrimental.

A 30,000-foot-level report can provide a predictive statement. This form of futuristic reporting can be created for both attribute and continuous responses. Variables data can have either subgrouping or no-subgrouping.

If a 30,000-foot-level futuristic statement is undesirable, something needs to be done to improve the processes.

Integrated Enterprise Excellence Volume III chapters 12 and 13 show the benefits of the 30,000-foot-level measurement reporting approach over traditional metric reporting. IEE Vol III also shows how traditional control charting and process capability statements may not provide the best statement of a process-output performance (and what action or not-action should be taken).

IEE Volume III shows the benefits of 30,000-foot-level reporting over traditional methodologies. The Enterprise Performance Reporting System (EPRS) software provides a means for the easy creation of 30,000-foot-level metric reports.

How to use Leading and Lagging Indicators for Predictive Statements

How to use leading and lagging indicators to provide futuristic insight should be an organizational desire.  However, if one were to read the results from a Google search on the topic, the conclusion that would probably be made is that a measurement is either a leading indicator or a lagging indicator and much cannot be …

How to use Leading and Lagging Indicators for Predictive Statements Read More »

Creation of a Predictive Analytics Scorecard: Description and Webinar

Forrest takes traditional performance metrics and transforms them in to predictive measures that suggest business actions or non-actions. Look at the transformation of the following: – Table of numbers business performance metrics reporting – Red-yellow-green scorecard business performance metrics – Time series business performance measurement dashboard See how the change to a futuristic view can transform your organization!

Business Performance Reporting Examples: 30,000-Foot-Level Report Enhancements

Predictive measurement statements can be created using the methodologies described in 30,000-foot-level Reports with Predictive Measurements. This article discusses how organizations can benefit from this enhanced measurement technique. With this understanding, businesses, non-profits, and governmental organizations can make improvements that positively impact the enterprise as a whole.

Process Behavior Charts for Non-normal Data: A 30,000-foot-level Perspective

When non-normally distributed data are tracked over time at the 30,000-foot-level, process stability is to be assessed and a predictive statement provided, when appropriate. However, to make these assessments, a transformation that makes physical sense for this assessment may be needed. This article describes the use of an appropriate transformation from a physical point of view when deciding which actions or non-actions are most appropriate.

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